Maari: Maari to ruin Aravind’s plan

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Maari is newly launched show of
” Zee Tamil”. Maari has the innate ability to see the future and foresee impending dangers. Now series focuses on Suriya will be in danger

In the previous episode we saw; Surya took Maari to the bank. He opened a bank account for her and deposited money in it. He was surprised to see his name added behind her name. Later, he taught Maari to use ATM card.

Later, Mysterious person spy Janaki and sneaked into her house. He murdered her and escaped. Vickram reached there and fail to caught him. Surya adviced Maari to keep the pass book safer. Aravindh argued with Thara for not planning anything favour to him. Later, Maari had a nightmare. She dreamt like Aravindh stabbed Surya with knife.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Maari will request Surya to don’t go to his office. Surya will deny it reasoning he want to attend a important meeting. Maari will plead with him. Surya will agree to stay in home and send Jagdish to attend the meeting behalf of him.

Later, Thara will get panic hearing music box sound. She will faint there. Thara will demand Shankarapaandi to find the music box asap. Maari will notice him searching for something. She will spy him there. Meanwhile, Surya will leave to his office. Maari will notice Aravind phoned to someone. Maari will demand Surya to go in another car.

What will happen next? Will Maari reveal Jasmin’s truth to Surya? How will Maari tackle the situation?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more update