Maari: Surya determined to find out Maari’s real parents!

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Maari is newly launched show of ” Zee Tamil”. Maari has the innate ability to see the future and foresee impending dangers. Now series focuses on Thara plots against Maari

In the previous episode we saw; Surya dreamt like Thara got cardiac arrest due to stress. He was confused to find a way to solve the issue. Maari requested him to remarry. She will stay in this house as a servant and protect him. Surya denied it. Later, Thara demanded Surya to share his opinion.

Maari announced to her that Surya will remarry. Surya got shocked to hear it. He stood silent there. Thara was adamant in her decision. Surya agreed to marry. Jagdish felt hurt to hear it.

Later, Surya tried to convince Maari but she was adamant in her decision. Hasini’s brother visited her house and surprised to see Maari there. He revealed to them that she saved him danger. Hasini requested him to find out the culprit.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Sujatha will notice Devi’s Jewellery missing. Sreeja will come out wearing the jewellery. Sujatha will rebuke Sreeja for wearing Devi’s Jewellery. She will tell her that only Maari has the rights to wear it. Thara will demand her to don’t remove it. Priest will ask Maari and Sreeja to lighten the diyas. Devi will decide who should wear it. Sreeja’s diyas will blow off in breeze.

What will happen next? Will Maari go to Surya’s house? How will Maari tackle the situation?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.