Maathi Se Bandi Dor: Jaya agrees to Marry Kishore for Vaiju’s Happiness, Ranvijay gets Heart Broken

Maathi Se Bandi Dor: Durga tries to fix Jaya with Ranvijay, Jaya chooses Sister

Star Plus’s Popular hit show Maathi Se Bandi Dor is gearing up for high voltage Drama. The show is going to witness many interesting twists and turns.

Vaiju decides to get her OX checked up by the Doctor as her Ox is sick. She doesn’t want to let her Ox suffer and hurries to do the check up done.

Jayanth asks the Doctor to leave to which the Doctor tells him that he has to check Vaiju’s Ox to which Jayanth gets furious hearing her name.

Jayanth pushes Doctor even after Vasundhara asks him to check everyone’s Animals because he leaves and gives her place as well.

Vasundhara and Vaiju get into an Argument  

Vaiju comes there and gets shocked knowing that the Doctor is not even there. She gets furious and accuses Vasundhara for sending the Doctor away too soon.

Vasundhara too Misunderstands Vaiju and lashes out at her. She asks her as to why she didn’t take good care of her Ox and they both get into an Argument.

Jayanth calls Vaiju a lier after she accuses him to which she gets all the more furious and tears the posters of Vasundhara shocking her.

Durga tries to fix Jaya with Ranvijay as she is sure that Vaiju is going to be struck at Home helping them. But Jaya chooses Sister over her Love.

Jaya agrees to Marry Kishore for Vaiju’s Happiness after she gets to know about Vaiju’s Love. Ranvijay gets Heart Broken with her decision.

What will happen Next?

What will Ranvijay do?

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