Maathi Se Bandi Dor: Jaya to Sacrifice Ranvijay for Vaiju, Lashes out at Durga for being Selfish

Maathi Se Bandi Dor: Ranvijay starts Hating Vaiju at First Sight, Vasundhara takes a Promise

Star Plus’s Popular hit show Maathi Se Bandi Dor is gearing up for high voltage Drama. The show is going to witness many interesting twists and turns.

Vasundhara asks Jayanth to apologise to Vaiju to which he denies but Vasundhara tells him that she will never do injustice to Anyone hence she is Loved.

Durga gets an Alliance for Vaiju to which Durga thinks that if she gets Married then who will take care of them Financially and hides the Picture from her.

On the other side Jaya accepts Ranvijay’s Friend Request and tells him that she is doing this to become his Friend and asks him to don’t expect Love from her.

Ranvijay asks Jaya for a Date

Jayanth comes to Vasundhara and apologises to her after calling Vasundhara while Vaiju tells her that she has sent a drink man to her, this proves everything.

Vasundhara gets upset as Vaiju Misunderstands her and says about this to Ranvijay to which he thinks that he will teach a lesson to Vaiju and starts Hating her.

Jaya is going to Sacrifice Ranvijay for Vaiju as she gets to know that her Sister has fallen for Ranvijay. She Lashes out at Durga for being Selfish and trying to hold Vaiju.

What will happen Next?

Will Vaiju get to know about Jaya’s Love?

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