Maathi Se Bandi Dor: Ranvijay and Jaya to get Intimate, Vaiju’s Love for Ranvijay breaks Dreams

Maathi Se Bandi Dor: Jaya falls in Love with Ranvijay, chooses Sister over Lover

Star Plus’s Popular hit show Maathi Se Bandi Dor is gearing up for high voltage Drama. The show is going to witness many interesting twists and turns.

Ranvijay talks with his Mother where he gets to know about Vaiju and gets furious. She asks him not to worry and tells him that she will take care of everything.

Ranvijay calls his Father who tells him about what mess Vaiju has created there to which Ranvijay throws the coffee in Anger.

Jaya who has come there gets hurt to which he asks her what she is doing here and tells her about the girl who hurt his Mother. He helps her.

Jaya makes Ranvijay talk with Vaiju

Jaya asks him not to worry. She then tells him that he has to win his Sister’s trust to get Married to her to which he tells her that he will make her agree.

Jaya tells him that she will help him and then calls her. She gives the phone to Ranvijay after telling her that someone hurt her with the coffee.

Ranvijay and Jaya to get Intimate while Vaiju’s Love for Ranvijay breaks Jaya’s Dream. She chooses her Sister and her Love for him over Ranvijay.

What will happen Next?

Will Ranvijay let Jaya go?

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