Maathi Se Bandi Dor: Vaiju feels Heart Broken with Ranvijay wipes out the Respect

Maathi Se Bandi Dor: Vaiju takes the Complaint back, Ranvijay still Scolds

Star Plus’s Popular hit show Maathi Se Bandi Dor is gearing up for high voltage Drama. The show is going to witness many interesting twists and turns.

Jaya calls Vaiju to which she tells him that she has met Ranvijay and she has given him her Bike that’s why she is walking. Jaya teases her hearing her words.

Vaiju tells her that Ranvijay didn’t recognise her and gets upset. However she is still soo lost in Ranvijay and his Dreams. Jaya gets Happy for her Sister.

Vaiju comes back Home and she can’t stop thinking about him. Salim tells Vaiju that she will definitely get him and says that Marriage is everything.

Ranvijay meets Vaiju

Ranvijay meets Vasundhara and tells her that he will definitely prove her innocence. He tells her that he won’t let her suffer anymore and that’s why he is here.

Ranvijay calls Vaiju and asks her to meet him. She gets Happy while he realises that she is the same woman who helped him.

Vaiju gets to know that he is Vasundhara’s son and decides to get down but Ranvijay tells her that he will prove his Mother’s innocence to her.

After Ranvijay proves his Mother’s innocence, Vaiju takes back the complaint. He still Scolds her because of which Vaiju gets Heart Broken and wipes out the Respect.

What will happen Next?

Will Vaiju realise the Truth?

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