Maati Se Bandhi Dor 10th June 2024 Written Update: Vaiju accepts Vasundhara’s marriage proposal

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 10th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vaiju getting surprised seeing Rannvijay in drunk state. He falls down while getting up in car and Vaiju rushes to help him. She supports him and makes him sit on her bike. Vaiju uses a cloth to tie Rannvijay to her waist so that he doesn’t fall down. Vasundhara at home worries about Rannvijay. Rannvijay keeps blabbering while Vaiju is riding the bike. She asks him if love is necessary and they can love one who doesn’t love them back. Rannvijay says that it hurts so much when one we love do not love back.

Vaiju reaches Rannvijay’s house and Vasundhara gets shocked seeing his state. She rushes to him and asks servants to take him inside. Rannvijay keeps falling so Vaiju supports him. Vasundhara thanks Vaiju for bringing Rannvijay home and apologizes to her that she had to see him in this state but he is not like this and something must have happened. She tells about how Rannvijay said lots of bitter things to Vaiju but still she helped him. Vaiju thinks of Rannvijay saying love is very beautiful feeling and decides that with fear of rejection she should not give up her feelings for Rannvijay.

Rannvijay wakes up and Vasundhara gives him lemon water. He apologises to her for last day. Vasundhara says that she did not give him such upbringing that he can home drunk. Rannvijay says that he could not understand anything and did not think of how she will feel bad seeing him in this state. Rannvijay tells about Jaya admitting that she never loved him and it was all his misunderstanding. He apologises to her for arguing with her for Jaya. Vasundhara consoles him and says that she is thankful that Vaiju met him last night.

Rannvijay gets surprised to know that Vaiju brought him home and says how he talked to her last time , even if she did not want to help him it was understandable. Vasundhara says she only wants his happiness and asks him what he wants. Rannvijay apologises Vasundhara for hurting her emotions and agrees to do whatever she says. She hugs him and tells him that will discuss about all this later. Vaiju prays to God and asks for a sign to move ahead with her decision. She smiles seeing Vasundhara there.

Vasundhara again thanks Vaiju for last night. Vaiju tells that when she brought relationship for her she could not understand what to do but she has been feeling special for Rannvijay since she met him and accepts the marriage proposal making Vasundhara happy. Vasundhara hesitates to tell Rannvijay about the same. She says Rannvijay that she understands her mindset now and doesn’t want to force him into new relationship now. Durga feels upset knowing Vaiju has agreed to marry Rannvijay. Rannvijay tells he will think about Vaiju. The episode ends with Durga telling about Rannvijay coming to meet Vaiju next day.


Rannvijay will come to Vaiju’s house and end up meeting Jaya there too.

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