Maati Se Bandhi Dor 12th June 2024 Written Update: Rannvijay doesn’t answer Vaiju’s question

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 12th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jaya hiding herself from Rannvijay but he keeps searching for her. Vaiju sits to make tea but thinks what she will do as she doesn’t know to cook. She sees sugarcane kept there and asks Rannvijay if he will have sugarcane juice. She picks one of it and breaks it surprising Rannvijay. He panics seeing Vaiju biting the sugarcane and denies to have it. She offers him juice and biscuits but he tells her to stop and first sit down to have a conversation . Vaiju agrees to it and says they should sit outside.

Jaya comes to her room to pick up the pictures and Rannvijay again feels her presence so he starts looking around. Jaya sees him in the mirror and throws a veil over her photo. Vaiju calls Rannvijay to talk. He thinks why is he feeling Jaya’s presence. Rannvijay then thanks Vaiju for helping him and says that he doesn’t drink often but something happened. Vaiju tells that she is weak at household chores but can do all work at fields. She asks if he wants to come to field and see her bull. But he denies.

Rannvijay tells Vaiju that her habits matches more with Vasundhara than him. Vaiju asks Rannvijay if he wanted to meet her by himself or was forced by his mother. Rannvijay thinks of Jaya’s rejection and tells that he took the decision himself. Vaiju says that if she once accepts the relationship she will keep it forever. She asks Rannvijay if he can accept her. Rannvijay thinks of Jaya and leaves without answering Vaiju. Jaya wonders what’s going in Rannvijay’s mind. Rannvijay drives his car and thinks of Jaya and Vaiju’s words.

Rannvijay reaches home and his parents question his decision. Ayo Saheb yells at Vasundhara. Kaveri scolds Vaiju for dropping the tea and says they could have made it again if they were here. Durga comes and tells that may be this relationship is not made for her and consoles Vaiju saying she should not feel bad. Vaiju thinks of all taunts she gets for not being married. Kaveri also taunts Vaiju and she ends up trying. Jaya stops Vaiju and tells that Rannvijay has not answered yet which means he has not rejected Vaiju .

Vasundhara brings water for Rannvijay and he tells her to ask what she wants. He says that even he was with Vaiju he kept thinking of someone else. Rannvijay says that there is nothing similar between him and Vaiju. Durga thinks to stop Vaiju’s marriage. Rannvijay tells his father that he doesn’t want to talk about marriage. His father encourages Rannvijay not to give up on in his love. Durga calls Vasundhara and tries to create misunderstands against Vaiju. The episode ends .


Jaya will reject Rannvijay rudely again. She will encourage Vaiju that something good will happen soon..

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