Maati Se Bandhi Dor 1st June 2024 Written Update: Santosh curses Vaiju

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 1st June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vasundhara asking if she can prove Santosh being drunkard. Vaiju tells for keeping him at home for a week and she would change her name if he can stay more than two days without alcohol. Santosh’s father tries to interfere but Vasundhara says she has already taken the decision. She declares that Santosh cannot be a part of the community marriage and has no right for marrying again. Vasundhara says his trembling hands are a prove of him being drunkard.

Vasundhara points out that Vaiju’s intention was right but her way was not right. Vaiju tells her to teach lesson to Jaikant not to her as he enters into anyone’s field without permission. Vaiju leaves from there. Rannvijay gets Kaveri’s contact from Jaya’s friends. He tells Jaya that next time he will meet her with Kaveri’s permission to date her. Jaya hopes that there’s no issue if he calls at home. Vaiju comes home and her mother questions her if she is hiding something but she doesn’t tell about what happened at community marriage. Santosh comes there drunk and creates scene.

Kaveri tells that he married her and spoilt her life and then spoilt his own life by drinking . Santosh tries to hit Kaveri but Vaiju stops him and pushes him away. Santosh curses Vaiju that she will stay unmarried throughout her life. Vaiju recalls of her broken alliances and everyone’s taunts. She feels hurt but hides her emotions. Vaiju questions Kaveri if she is fine but Kaveri scolds her instead for arguing with Santosh. She tells her to stop interfering in others matters or else she will remain at their home always. Jaya questions her friends why they have given Kaveri’s contact to Rannvijay.

Jaya’s friends keep praising Rannvijay and tells her to get serious about him. Vaiju sits near river side thinking of the taunts and curse given by Santosh. Salim tries to console her and says her not to think about Santosh’s words. But Vaiju tells about how it hurts when someone own says something. While Vaiju is leaving, Rannvijay’s photograph falls from her bag. Salim teases her about him. Vaiju says she feels something is different about him and for first time she has liked someone. She questions if Kaveri’s words might come true.

Vasundhara recalls of Vaiju’s words. She hears justice bell ringing and finds Jaikant is one ringing it. Jaikant and his parents says that they need justice. They fill Vasundhara’s ears against Vaiju and demands justice. Durga sits drinking alcohol and calls herself worst mother for not letting her own daughter get married. She tells that to fulfil all others need she cannot let Vaiju get married. Rannvijay calls on Kaveri’s number and Durga receives it. She misunderstands that it’s call from bank and has a funny conversation with him. Durga comes near Vaiju with Rannvijay’s photo and says city guy will himself reject her. The episode ends with Vaiju opening her eyes and holding Durga’s hands.


Jaikant will hurt Salim. Vaiju will lodge police complaint against him as well as get Vasundhara arrested. Rannvijay will come there and will vow to get Vaiju seek an apology publicly from Vasundhara. Vaiju and Rannvijay will come face to face.

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