Maati Se Bandhi Dor 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Jaikant creates more trouble for Vaiju

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 2nd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Durga sitting beside Vaiju holding Rannvijay’s photo. Vaiju holds her hand and blabbers in her sleep asking Durga why she was not blessing her during her marriage in her dream. Durga makes her fall asleep again. She thinks if Vaiju gets married her family will suffer. She thinks Rannvijay will not choose Vaiju buy instead like Jaya. All the villagers are asked to tell their issues one by one. Veterary doctor informs Jaikant that Vaiju’s ox is sick so he will treat it and leave in a hour.

Hearing Vaiju’s name, Jaikant loses his patience and pushes doctor to go out. Jaikant hears chants for Vasundhara and realises she has reached. Villagers thank her for visiting there and always listening to their pleas. Jaikant tells Vasundhara to look after Vaiju’s issue too. The doctor tells Vasundhara about some space to treat animals and she asks Jaikant to look into thr matter. Jaikant takes the doctor aside and pushes him to go away. Vasundhara’s program commences. Vaiju comes with her ox and gets disappointed seeing that doctor is not there for treating the animals. She misunderstands that Vasundhara is one behind doctor leaving.

Vaiju asks Vasundhara what if she is the problem herself, then will she get justice. Vasundhara also misunderstands Vaiju and asks her not to interfere in such noble deed. Vaiju tells her that she needs to listen to her bitter truth. She asks Vasundhara if she knows that the ox are worshipped there. Vasundhara instead blames Vaiju for not taking care of her ox well so it has fallen sick. Rannvijay pulls Jaya close as he holds her and saves her from falling down. Jaya questions him what he is doing there.

Rannvijay tells Jaya that last night he called Kaveri but the lady on call was drunk. Jaya says that it must have been her mother and asks him to stop calling her family members as they are all strong women. Jaya says if ever their families come against each other hers will win as her sister never gives up. Vaiju tells about how she had arranged for doctor but Vasundhara made him leave. Jaikant comes in between and says that Vaiju is lying. He tries to attack Raja but Vaiju saves it. Vaiju tears off Vasundhara’s poster shocking her.

Kishore sees Rannvijay and Jaya together and taunts them for starting their love story. Kishore tells that Jaya doesn’t take her decisions herself but depends on her sister. Rannvijay defends Jaya and she feels emotional hearing the same. Durga reaches Rannvijay’s house and his father asks her about Vaiju but she denies knowing her. Vasundhara tells Jaikant that he needs to keep his anger in control. Durga tries to escape from their without getting noticed. Vasundhara scolds Jaikant for injuring Salim. The episode ends with Vaiju praying for Salim’s safety.


Rannvijay will meet Vaiju on her way and borrows her bike to reach police station. Vaiju will get mesmerized seeing him and he will leave writing his no. Later Rannvijay will get to know Vaiju is one behind Vasundhara being in jail and will call her to meet.

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