Maati Se Bandhi Dor 31st May 2024 Written Update: Vasundhara and Vaiju meets again

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 31st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vaiju smiling seeing Rannvijay’s photo and her friend teases her. Vaiju tells that seeing photo she is feeling lot of things in her heart. Then she leaves with Salim. Vaiju imagines Rannvijay sitting behind her and waving hand to her. She smiles and thinks it’s all her imagination. Rannvijay sits eating and thinks of Vasundhara saying that one girl insulted her. He thinks who the girl was. Vaiju sees a poster and again imagines Rannvijay there. On other hand, Rannvijay calls his father to ask about Vaiju. The latter says him about how Vaiju had destroyed everything.

Rannvijay questions if he should immediately come to village and teach that girl a lesson but his father asks him to focus on his studies and he will manage things at village. Vaiju mortgages her gold bangles to get fertilizers but shopkeeper allows her to take it with little amount of money she has without taking the bangles. He also tells her to go to nearby village and supply wood for the community marriage happening there and earn money. Rannvijay angrily throws cup of coffee thinking of Vaiju and Jaya comes there getting hurt.

Rannvijay apologises to Jaya and makes her sit to tend her injury. He looks mesmerized at her. Vaiju again imagines Rannvijay in the tea stall owner. She goes near him and smiles shyly. But as soon as she is about to take glass of tea her imagination breaks. Rannvijay asks Jaya how she made plan to come to his house. She says about returning back his jacket. Jaya notices Rannvijay seeing her photo on laptop and questions him about it. He jokes about it and says he will impress Vaiju to get permission to date her.

Rannvijay offers to drop Jaya home. Vasundhara reaches the community marriage hall. Priest compliments Vasundhara for donating for the same . She asks him to begin the rituals. Rannvijay asks Jaya about her sister’s contact number so that he can talk to her. Jaya offers to make him talk to Vaiju. Jaya calls Vaiju and says she got hurt because a rude guy threw cup of coffee at her. Jaya gives the call to Rannvijay. Vaiju scolds him badly even when him trying to apologise. Jaya takes the call and says that the guy has run away already. Rannvijay tells Jaya that her sister seems from another world. He questions if she is his real sister as she seems so different from her.

Jaya tells that Vaiju is sweet too but when it comes to family , she becomes like Goddess Durga. Rannvijay tells he is same and will scold that girl more badly who had insulted Vasundhara. Vaiju enters community marriage and questions who is behind the arrangement of same. Vaiju faces Vasundhara and says she is one doing the injustice as Santosh there is already married. She says he is husband of her elder sister, Kaveri. The guy tells about Kaveri leaving him. Villagers start badmouthing Vaiju and Kaveri. Vaiju says how he abused Kaveri physically being drunk. The episode ends with Vasundhara asking Vaiju to prove Santosh is drunkard.


Jaikant will hit Salim on head injuring him. Vaiju will not only complaint against him but will also get Vasundhara arrested. Rannvijay will come to police station and will vow to get Vasundhara apology from Vaiju. Vaiju will again smile seeing Rannvijay’s photograph.

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