Maati Se Bandhi Dor 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Jaya accepts Rannvijay’s proposal

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with police filing Vaiju’s report and tells her not to drag the issue as they are powerful people. Vaiju is about to sign it but Durga reaches there and tells her to stop. Durga tells Vaiju not to lodge complaint. Vaiju thinks of how Salim got hurt saving her. Rannvijay climbs on tree and tries to impress Jaya by being cute. Jaya tells that she is not getting impressed by his actions but by his words. Rannvijay gets excited as Jaya says that likes him. Vaiju tells that Salim’s condition is because of her and says about how Jaikant has been disturbing them.

Rannvijay teases Jaya saying she loves him and she actually agrees. He goes around dancing happily. Jaya also twirls happily. Rannvijay promises her that they will always stay together. Jaikant is leaving from home when police reaches there. Vaiju comes there and says that it’s time to talk about actual law. She points at Jaikant for attacking Salim and asks to arrest Vasundhara for letting it happen in her presence. Vaiju begs police to take their responsibilities and prove that they are not above law.

Vasundhara herself tells police to carry on their duties and gets arrested. She says that if she doesn’t go today people will stop trusting on justice. Vaiju goes to police station and ties the charming bracelet to him. She tells that one who did his condition like this have been sent behind the bars. Vaiju vows to get them punished. Vasundhara and Jaikant gets locked inside. Sulekha tells Durga that her bail is getting done. Vasundhara denies leaving and says that Vaiju should come and take her allegation back. She tells that unless she is proved innocent she will not leave the jail.

Jaikant tells that Vaiju will not take her complaint back. Rannvijay tells Jaya that she deserves everything best. Kishore is shown following them and planning to hurt Rannvijay. Rannvijay notices Kishore’s car following them and after driving a bit they collide with tree trunk injuring Rannvijay and Jaya. Nagraj comes to Durga and greets her. She gets shocked seeing him there and invites him. Kaveri questions him reason behind coming there. Vaiju sees Nagraj and comes there. He tells about alone mother Durga who has three daughters so she may have lots of difficulties. Like Kaveri’s marriage breaking, Vaiju not getting married and Jaya studying in city.

He offers them lot of money for Vaiju to take back her police complaint. Vaiju denies taking her complaint back. Durga calms her and doesn’t let her speak much. Nagraj says that Salim is in hospital and if something happens to him what will she do. The episode ends with Vaiju coming towards Nagraj and money.


Rannvijay will come to village and borrow Vaiju’s bike. She will be stunned to see Rannvijay. Later at police station Rannvijay will come to know that Vaiju is responsible for Vasundhara’s arrest and will decide to meet her and teach her a lesson..

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