Maati Se Bandhi Dor 4th June 2024 Written Update: Rannvijay and Vaiju finally meet

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 4th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vaiju rejecting Nagraj’s offer to take money and asks him to leave. Kaveri tells that it’s good that he left but Durga starts scolding Vaiju for lodging complaint . She taunts Vaiju for not taking the money and taking up enmity with Patils. Jaya gains consciousness and starts coughing. Rannvijay’s phone keeps ringing but he is in bad state too and cannot receive it. Jaya tries to wake him and starts crying. She recalls past when Vaiju encouraged her while learning to ride bicycle.

Jaya manages to come out of car and pulls Rannvijay out too. She keeps trying to call out for him but when he doesnt respond. She starts giving him CPR. Rannvijay finally opens his eyes and hugs Jaya. Vaiju comes to pray and recalls taunts from Nagraj and Durga about who will marry her. Vaiju hopes only she gets sufferings not her family members. Jaya brings Rannvijay home and he pulls her close. The latter kisses on her hand and gets romantic with Jaya. Jaya feels shy and gets up. Later they are shown sleeping together on the sofa. Shambhu reaches there and informs Rannvijay that his mother needs him.

Vaiju gets call from Salim and smiles seeing him consciousn. She tells about being at dargah to pray for him. Salim asks her to pray for herself too. He tells he knows she wants to meet the guy in photograph and hopes he will come soon for her. Vaiju smiles thinking of Rannvijay and tells Salim to rest. Shambhu packs Rannvijay’s luggage to take him to village. Rannvijay tells Jaya about a girl troubling his mother a lot and says he can solve the matter and return back to her soon.

Rannvijay is leaving when Jaya holds his hand and asks him to promise that he will take care of himself. Rannvijay gets annoyed at Vaiju for getting his mother arrested. Rannvijay gets stuck in traffic and sees long line of vehicles. He gets call from Jaya inquiring if he has reached safely but Rannvijay says about being stuck in traffic. He says about teaching the girl a lesson who has done this his mother. Rannvijay sees Vaiju riding motorcycle and hurriedly goes to her. She is left stunned seeing Rannvijay and smiles dreaming. She recalls seeing his photo and keeps staring at Rannvijay.

Rannvijay asks Vaiju for lift and sits behind her. She keeps saying his face in rear view mirror. Rannvijay asks her to let him borrow the bike and says about Shambhu being in car behind. He asks her for a pen and writes down his contact number on her hand. Vaiju keeps smiling looking at Rannvijay. The episode ends with Vaiju offering her helmet to Rannvijay too and keeps smiling as he leaves.


Vaiju will tell Jaya about Rannvijay and the latter teases her saying she really likes the guy. Rannvijay will meet his mother and will call Vaiju to meet her. She will excitedly come to meet him.

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