Maati Se Bandhi Dor 5th June 2024 Written Update: Vaiju tells Jaya about Rannvijay

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 5th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vasundhara saying that she will not surrender to Vaiju. Rannvijay comes running to police station and calls for Vasundhara. She smiles seeing him and emotionally touches his face. She notices his injury on head and questions about it. Rannvijay tells that it’s not important and he has already got to know everything from Sambhu and things will definitely happen the way she wants. Vaiju gets videocall from Jaya and talks to her. Jaya says she was feeling uneasy so she called her. She asks Vaiju why is walking instead of being on her bike.

Vaiju tells she has lent it to someone. She tells that it’s the same person whose photo was received. Jaya teases Vaiju saying he might have come to secretly meet her but Vaiju says he did not recognize her. Rannvijay tells Vasundhara that no matter what he will make Vaiju take her complaint back and also seek apology from her infront of whole village. Salim comes to Vaiju and asks her what she is seeing on her hand. Vaiju says it’s contact number from the photo guy.

Vaiju gets call from Rannvijay and he asks her to meet him as he something to talk to her which cannot be discussed over call. Rannvijay asks about meeting location and Vaiju says him about her fields. Vaiju tells Salim that he sounds angry but the latter tells that nothing can be more important that marriage and Vaiju smiles embarrassed. Rannvijay and his father have conversation about what he is going to do to deal with Vaiju. Vaiju sits in her field waiting for Rannvijay. She gets happy seeing him and runs towards him. Jaya is on videocall with Rannvijay at same time but she misses to see Vaiju.

Vaiju asks Rannvijay if he did not bring her bike. Rannvijay gets surprised seeing Vaiju and she says that he is one who had called her. Rannvijay recalls calling Vaiju and concludes she is same person he had borrowed the bike from. Vaiju feels like her back is itching but since her hands are stained with mud, she asks help from Rannvijay. He hesitates but ends up helping Vaiju. Rannvijay takes Vaiju with him in car so that he can make her take her complaint back.

Rannvijay tells Vaiju about the issue and she says him to stop the car immediately. Vaiju gets down from the car and tells them not to play tricks with her. Rannvijay says that Jaikant might be wrong but she definitely has some misunderstanding about Vasundhara and so he wants to clear the same. Rannvijay takes Vaiju with him to meet some villagers who have been helped by Vasundhara. He tells Vaiju that his mother can never think about hurting anyone. The episode ends.


Vaiju will be heartbroken and rubs the contact number of Rannvijay and will cry badly. Jaya will come to village.

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