Maati Se Bandhi Dor 6th June 2024 Written Update: Vaiju feels disheartened with Rannvijay’s behavior

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 6th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rannvijay disappointed entered the police station. His family members think that he did not manage to bring:Vaiju along but she comes there and tells that she wants to fake her complaint back. Jail is opened and Rannvijay hugs Vasundhara. Vaiju tells she saw truth in Rannvijay’s eyes. Vasundhara says Vaiju that what she did today is great and asks Rannvijay to drop her home. Rannvijay recalls his parents complains against Vaiju. Vaiju asks him if they can forget past and make a new start. Rannvijay gets down from car and shows anger to Vaiju.

Rannvijay tells Vaiju that Vasundhara did not deserve this. He says his mother forgave her because it’s her nature but he will not forgive her ever. Rannvijay tells Vaiju that she deserves only hatred and asks her to leave from there. Vaiju is left crying there as Rannvijay goes back in his car. Vasundhara comes home and her family members provoke her against Vaiju again. Jaikant tells he will make Vaiju and her family leave t. he village. Vasundhara tells that Vaiju has tested their family but she knows what she has to do next and says she wants to bring Vaiju to their home.

Durga tells Vaiju that she did right by taking her complaint back. She says that if she keeps taking enmity like this not only her but also it would be difficult to get her other two sister married. Kaveri tells Vaiju that she could have taken the money if she wanted to take the complaint back. Buy Vaiju says it was all just a misunderstanding which has cleared now. Kaveri asks Durga if the matter is something else. Vasundhara says that Vaiju wll become Moide Patil house’s daughter in law, wife of Rannvijay.

Vaiju works in field and notices Rannvijay’s contact Written on her hand. She recalls his anger and runs to wash off her hand. She sits rubbing off the number from her hand and cries badly thinking of Rannvijay. She even rubs rock on her hand. Salim comes there and stops her. Vaiju says that she doesn’t have time for marriage. Ayo Saheb and rest of family members object Vasundhara’s decision and says that Rannvijay will never like a simple village girl like Vaiju. Vasundhara says that the way Vaiju challenged her none has ever done it.

Vasundhara says when Vaiju felt that she is going to take her fields, she came there which shows she is courageous and brave. She says how Vaiju’s head has been always uplifted infront of her which shows she is responsible for her family and also saved life of innocent from getting spoilt. She says Vaiju fights without thinking of the results. Vasundhara says Vaiju took her complaint against because she respected bond of her and Rannvijay. Rannvijay tells Jaya that finally he has got rid of that girl and now he will tell Vasundhara about her. The episode ends with Rannvijay thinking to get married to Jaya.


Vasundhara will meet Vaiju and gives her marriage proposal with Rannvijay. Jaya will come home and take photograph to see who has stolen Vaiju’s heart and will be left shocked to see it’s none other than Rannvijay.

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