Maati Se Bandhi Dor 7th June 2024 Written Update: Vasundhara’s proposal to Vaiju shocks her

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ayo Saheb saying Vasundhara how she can choose someone like Vaiju for Rannvijay. However, Vasundhara stands firm on her decision and tells that Rannvijay will respect her decision even if they accept it or not. Ayo Saheb says he also has right on Rannvijay and will not let his life get spoiled. Vaiju is working in the fields when she notices Vasundhara working by her side and gets surprised. Vasundhara tells that she is also a farmer like her and calls Sambhu there. She gifts Vaiju saree and thanks her it’s to show her gratitude.

Vasundhara says that she wants her 100 acre land and 1 acre land of Vaiju’s to become one. Vaiju misunderstands that she wants to confiscate her land so she rejects to accept her offer and gift as well. Vasundhara tells Vaiju that she doesn’t want her fields but her. She says Vaiju to become her daughter in law. Vaiju thinks of Rannvijay’s hatred for her. Vasundhara tells Vaiju if she will become Rannvijay’s life partner? Vaiju is left perplexed and questions Vasundhara about what she is saying.

Vaiju tells Vasundhara that she is unable to understand her decision. The latter says that everytime she used to think of Rannvijay’s bride, she has all the qualities she used to imagine. Vasundhara makes Vaiju touch the saree brought by her and asks her if she will marry Rannvijay but Vaiju recalls Rannvijay saying that she deserves only hate. Vaiju asks Vasundhara if she has asked Rannvijay about her decision as she is doubtful if Rannvijay will accept her. Vasundhara tells that Rannvijay and her choice will be same and tries to make Vaiju understand. Vasundhara feels argument between Rannvijay and Vaiju may have been heated up.

Jaya calls Vaiju and asks her reason behind tension. Jaya tells that she is going through love test but will pass him only if Vaiju agrees. She says that he will call Vaiju and she is sure that Vaiju will like him a lot. Jaya tells that the guy is very good and says she is happy that love had entered both their lives at same time. Rannvijay comes to Vasundhara and says she is cooking his favorite dessert and questions reason behind it. Vasundhara calls him smart and makes him eat the sweet dish.

Vasundhara questions Rannvijay what he feels about Vaiju hearing which he starts coughing loudly. Vasundhara tells that she feels Vaiju is appropriate as his life partner. Durga and Kaveri get to know about Rannvijay’s marriage proposal for Vaiju. Durga tells it’s good that she rejected the offer. Rannvijay tells that he cannot marry Vaiju as he can never forgive her for sending Vasundhara to jail. The episode ends with Rannvijay thinking of Vasundhara telling him about Vaiju.


Rannvijay will come to meet Vaiju. Vaiju will ask him if he will accept her as if she accepts him she will keep the relationship till her Last breathe. Jaya will also come there.

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