Maati Se Bandhi Dor 8th June 2024 Written Update: Vasundhara agrees to meet Jaya

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 8th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kaveri noticing how Vaiju is looking at Rannvijay’s photo. Rannvijay thinks of Vasundhara’s words about Vaiju being ideal partner for him. His father comes there and questions him if he likes someone else. Rannvijay thinks of Jaya and his father supports his decision. He encourages Rannvijay to tell Vasundhara that he doesn’t want to marry Vaiju. Rannvijay decides to talk to Vasundhara and clear the matter. Kaveri acts to stop Vaiju from leaving the house. Vaiju is surprised seeing Jaya at home. Jaya jokes about Vaiju’s mood being upset.

Jaya tells that she will make Vaiju say yes for her photo guy. A couple comes to Vasundhara and argue about not being able to decide groom for their daughter . While mother wants to get her daughter married to her friend’s daughter her husband wants to get her married to his relative. Vasundhara asks Rannvijay to give his opinion. Rannvijay tells them if they have asked their daughter about her opinion. Jaya tries to make Vaiju understand and encourage her to accept the proposal but Vaiju says this guy is not for her . Jaya says that she loves the guy and Kaveri also adds about how Salim said Vaiju was blushing seeing Rannvijay’s photo.

Jaya questions Vaiju if she felt something when he saw the person. Vaiju tells that it’s because what she feels it’s not same as his feelings. Vaiju says she has already moved on and asks her sisters to do the same. Kaveri tells about Vaiju keeping Rannvijay below the pillow while sleeping. Vasundhara disagrees with Rannvijay’s opinion. She advises the couple to think for their daughter’s well being. She asks Sambhu to find complete details of both the guys and then make a decision.

Rannvijay talks to Vasundhara about the same and says how marriage can be successful if their is no love in it. The latter asks if he feels that arranged marriages do not have love and tells that she can understand he is not agreeing with her view point. Vasundhara directly questions Rannvijay if he loves someone and Rannvijay accepts the same. He also asks forgiveness for hurting her emotions. Jaya makes Vaiju sit and asks her if she feeling something that she never felt before. She asks Vaiju to tell what she will do if Rannvijay comes to their door.

Vaiju imagines Rannvijay apologising to her for misunderstanding her and smiles. Jaya questions if he asks her marriage what will her answer be and Vaiju says yes. But she says that guy has not said yes so it doesn’t matter. Vasundhara says that she still feels that Vaiju is appropriate choice for him but she will definitely meet the girl he loves. While playing around, Jaya sees the photo in Vaiju’s hand and is left heartbroken seeing it’s Rannvijay’s photo. Rannvijay keeps calling Jaya but she doesn’t receive it so Vaiju goes to pick it. Jaya stops her and picks the call. The episode ends with Rannvijay telling Jaya that his mother has agreed to meet her but she rudely tells him not to meet her.


Rannvijay will come to Vaiju’s house. She will make him eat sugarcane. Later he will smell Jaya’s perfume around and both them will be shocked to see other.

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