Madam Sir fame Gulki Joshi surprises her fans by creating a game on social media

Gulki Joshi has always been someone who has given her fans a lot of credit for all the love and adulation that has come her way…

Hence recently she came up with the idea of creating a game for her fans on social media, which helps them know her better through this Fans get to answer questions on her and the winners through a secret poll get sent personal autographed merchandise from Gulkis wardrobe.

Her fans have been going absolutely beserk with this new filter and Gulki and her team has been having quite a tough time in narrowing down to the winners.

Gulki says ” Its me fans who have been there for me all through made me who i am and this is a small something for them from me, a Diwali gift samajh lo…i will bw narrowing down  on winners and sending them sruff from my personal wardrobe which have been close to me. Hope they enjoy their time with this game on social media.”