Mahabharat 29th April 2020 Written Update: Gandhari’s child shocks everyone

Mahabharat 29th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhura announcing in court about Kunti and Pandu’s first child being born. He requests Dritirashtra to announce celebration for it. Dritirashtra menacingly fakes his happiness and announces that celebration will take place for the first child of Shantanu’s heir.

He soon after leaves the court and comes to Gandhari in temple. He shouts for her but Sugdha says that Gandhari is resting due to her pregnancy. He shouts ar her to wake her up and Gandhari wakes up with the sound. She asks what happened for which Dritirashtra says that she’s a curse for him in the name of wife. He asks why didn’t she still give birth to child and doubts whether she really got boon from Lord Shiva.

Gandhari tries consoling him but Dritirashtra is extremely furious. He says that from the day of their marriage she will only gave pain for him but he tolerated everything. He says that she blinded her eyes using blindfold insulting him but still he forgave her and accepted her but she continues hurting him. He says that even after Pandu is married to another girl, Kunti gave him a child. He says that he is going to have another girl too as her punishment. Gandhari gets shocked and Dritirashtra leaves the place.

Gandhari is crying in front of Lord Shiva when Shakuni comes there. He asks her not to cry as Dritirashtra would never dare to replace her. Gandhari cries her pain to Shaguni. Daasi comes there with the news by Dritirashtra. She says that Dritirashtra called Sugdha after dressing up to his room shocking everyone.

Shaguni gets furious hearing it while Gandhari cries. Shakuni says that Sugdha will not go anywhere and is about to go to Dritirashtra to go talk with him. Gandhari stope him and asks Sugdha to obey King’s order. Sugdha denies going but Gandhari orders her to and she leaves. Sugdha with a heavy heart enters Dritirashtra room.

On the other hand Gandhari cries hitting her child in the womb calling it giving pain to his mom and making her a culprit in front of his father. She keeps beating and soon gets pain. Gandhari is rushed to labour and soon she delivers. Ambika and Ambalika comes eagerly to look at the child but gets shocked seeing it. Gandhari wakes up and asks about her child when a furious Ambika reveals that she only gave birth to a flesh shocking her. She touches it and faints.