Mahabharat 2nd April 2020 Written Update: Amba meets Parasuram and Vichitravirya dies

Mahabharat 2nd April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amba blaming Bhishm to be the reason for her her misery. She says that Bhishm has snatched her happiness. She badmouths Rajmata saying that it’s on her saying that Bhishm did all this. Everyone gets furious at Amba for badmouthing Bhishm.

Satyavati calms down them and says that whatever Bhishm did is on her saying and if she feels that he has spoiled her life then she can even now become the wife of Vichitravirya. Amba denies the offer and says that she wants to marry only Bhishm and no one else. Bhishm apologizes her and says that he has took the path of bachelor all his life. Amba denies accepting it and says that she wants to marry him and show him hell.

Satyavati says that she didn’t come there for judge but for revenge and asks her to leave. Amba says that she will go to all the Kings of other nations and will bring them against him to defeat him. Satyavati says that no one can be equal to Bhishm’s strength. Amba is about to leave but Bhishm stops her. He says that if there’s someone who could help her then it’s only his Guru Parasuram and asks her to go to him.

Amba is seen climbing the mountains with lots of difficulties on her way but her quench for revenge gave her strength. She goes there and calls out for Parasuram but slips and falls down. Her legs gets broken but she watches Parasuram coming out of the rocks and perform pooja for Shivling. He starts going back when Amba calls for him. He comes to her and heals her seeing her condition.

He asks who’s she and what she’s doing in that dangerous place. She asks is he the one who kills Kings and Parasuram says that he was the one who killed all the royal bloods but Ram has changed him. Later he changed his way and became calm following the path of peace. He asks her to go to Hastinapur as his student Bhishm will give her the needed justice.

Amba says its the same Bhishm who did injustice with her but Parasuram denies believing it. His teaching will never go wrong and Bhishm will never do injustice to someone and starts going back. Amba runs after him but he enters his place and the rocks closes. Amba gets determined to make Parasuram hear her pleas. On the other side Vichitravirya’s crowning ceremony takes place and Satyavati calls Ambika and Ambalika to the crowning Queens.

She says that poor Amba is the unlucky one here. Vichitravirya finds some inconvenience but manages to handle himself. Bhishm is ready with the crown for him and waits for crowning him. As Vichitravirya is about to go near Bhishm he collapses spitting blood.