Mahabharat 30th April 2020 Written Update: Satyavati finds solution for Gandhari’s problem

Mahabharat 30th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dritirashtra furious and shattered knowing that his wife had given birth to a flesh. A infuriated Dritirashtra tries going to war. Vidhura and Bhishm tries stopping him but he doesn’t listen and stands firm in his decision to go to war.

Satyavati comes there and calms Dritirashtra with her words. She says that Gandhari had not given birth to flesh but seeds who would grow into human. She says that Ved Vyas can make it happen and asks him to relax. Ved Vyas is called who puts herbs, oil and necessary items on the seed for it to fuse to become a human. Dritirashtra waits impatiently for the arrival of his son.

Everyone are waiting eagerly outside when Ved Vyas comes out. He says that he did the necessary magical elements and it got successful. He says Gandhari that God has listened to her prayers and she has a daughter too. Gandhari gets elated hearing it. Dritirashtra is in cloud nine and professes that his kids will aid Pandu’s kids and they will have a beautiful future. Shakuni who doesn’t likes this reference once again fills his ears with hatred against Pandu regarding the throne.

In the forest, Kunti and Pandu pray for their second child. This time Kunti prays the God of Wind. The God appears in front of them and blesses them with Bheem. He says that he’ll stay forever in Bheem’s shoulder supporting him. He says that he’ll be the strongest one in the whole world and disappears. Later Pandu goes to get some milk.

However Kunti hears a roar and in frighten drops the baby. Kunti gets shocked and starts panicking. She rushes down the cliff only to find her son safe and sound. Instead she found that the rock he crashed into has turned into pieces. Later storm takes place in speed as if sighting about something ill going to happen. Gandhari gets worried

Precap : Kunti and Pandu once again prays and Arjun is born.