Mahabharat 30th March 2020 Written Update: Who will Shantanu choose? Devvrath or Satyavati?

The episode starts with Satyavati and Shantanu in their boat and spending some romantic time with each other. Satyavati and Shantanu finds a rare golden fish jumping over their head into water. Satyavati desires to have the fish and throws anchor at it hurting the fish.

The fish which has some special powers tries escaping from Satyavati. But Satyavati who’s a part of Fisher clan desires to have the fish at any cost. Shantanu offers to help her but she denies it saying that she could handle it. They lose balance while fighting with the fish. Shantanu notices a hard Rock on their way. A determined Satyavati despite hurting her hand manages to catch the fish completing her desire to have it.

Satyavati finds her men taking away the wish. Shantanu applies medicine to her hand and asks why’s she so adamant about the fish. Satyavati says that only desire gives them determination to win in life. A feather flies in air and reaches Lord Krishna. He says that desire is the reason for all the things happening the world. He also says that the same desire leads them to knowledge about the world. This story Mahabharat is also one such story which gives knowledge from the acts of desire.

Demon attacks Villages and everyone runs for their life. A kid whose parents are captivated beats the drum to let know of their problem to other but demons catch him. The villagers say that it’s the curse of Devas as there isn’t any yagnya held for the welfare of Hastinapur due to no wife for King. The kid tries running away and the main demon throws axe at him but Devvrath destroys it and saves the kid on time. He fights with the demons and asks why they are here. The demons says about humans exploiting their area troubling them.

Devvrath gives him his word that he’ll make sure that none troubles him and asks him to release the people. He releases the people but soon various arrows hits the demon’s men. Devvrath turns ti find Shantanu with his army who wants to wage a war at the demons. For troubling his people.

Devvrath says that he gave his word and asks him not to attack the demons. Shantanu denies accepting his word and thus Devvrath makes a bridge stopping Ganga using arrows. Shantanu gets shocked seeing it and Ganga reveals Shantanu that Devvrath is their son. Shantanu gets overwhelmed and hugs Devvrath while Ganga goes back assuring Devvrath that she’ll come whenever he needs her.

Shantanu days Satyavati about finding his son Devvrath and Satyavati gets shocked hearing it. Satyavati says that he promised her to make her sons the king of Hastinapur. Shantanu says its not possible. Satyavati asks him to break ties with him as she doesn’t want to be a Daasi. She says that she’s happy being the Princess of Fisher clan. Shantanu tries explaining her but Satyavati stands firm.

Shantanu is not ready to accept her demands and thus leaves breaking ties with Satyavati. Devvrath gets ready for his crowning his ceremony. Shantanu hides his pain and proceeds with the crowning ceremony of Devvrath making him the Prince. However Shantanu couldn’t be at peace and is depressed with Satyavati’s memories. Devvrath notices it.

Devvrath asks Shantanu the reason for his pain but Shantanu denies saying it. Devvrath says that he will not have food until he says the reason. Shantanu asks him not to take any such oath. Shantanu decides to find the reason himself and goes to Fisher clan. He pleads Satyavati to get back with his father as he’s drowned in her memories.

Satyavati says that it’s difficult for her too but she can’t stay as Daasi in the Palace. He asks if she’s blaming him for snatching his father’s happiness. Shantanu is rushing there to stop Devvrath. Satyavati denies and says that only one can be with Shantanu that’s either his son oe her. Devvrath says that his father will get both. He goes near river and cuts his hand. The blood flows in water.