Mahaepisode: Bahu Begum 6th October 2019 Written Update: Gazala’s evil plan and Razia’s life in danger

The episode starts with Gazala asking Razia why’s she sending her son out. Surraiya says that he raised hand on a servant. Gazala taunts her for keeping servants over nawab. She taunts Azaan getting married twice and still staying in the house. Shayra intervenes and says that it happens when people forget that they are human and behave like animals. Razia introduces Shayra to Gazala. She taunts Shayra for being younger Razia. She hugs Shayra. She indirectly mentions about a mystery box. She mocks both Razia and Shayra. She asks to keep servants on the limit and gives an example of Noor. Shayra supports Noor and says that she realized her mistakes. Gazala mocks her for supporting her sautan. Razia says that Asgar stole company money. Gazala says that he’s malkin and it’s his right. She taunts her for throwing out her elder son years back and younger son now. Gazala asks Asgar and Surraiya to ask forgiveness from Razia and Shayra and they do so. Razia says that asking forgiveness is not enough. Gazala taunts her and sends them back home. They all hear the sound of the mystery box. Noor leaves to check but Gazala stops her. Gazala taunts Noor for throwing away a jackpot like Azaan. She insults Noor by giving her 10 rupees for her muh dikayi. She says that the servant’s only gets this much. She gets 20 rupees and Noor takes her Kangan along with the money and mocks Gazala.

Razia and Gazala talk about their old rifts when Azaan comes there.

Shayra brings haldi milk for Dilruba. Dilruba thanks Shayra and Shayra says that she’s his brother and will always support him. Mashuka asks about Daadi. Azaan insults Daadi but later hugs ier happily. Gazala smirks at Razia for Azaan’s love for her. Surraiya twirls Asgar happily as they are not leaving Sultanpur but Asgar pushes her. He reminds her of her insult and Surraiya apologizes. She says that she’s very happy that Gazala showed Razia her place. Asgar says that he will teach Razia a lesson himself.

Dilruba cries for not having control of his heart and falling for Asgar. Shayra says that there’s nothing wrong with falling in love as that’s how the way their heart functions. She pacifies him and the trio share an emotional moment. Shayra leaves. Mashuka and Dilruba get attracted to Gazala’s helper boy. He asks them his room and they direct him.

Azaan says that Daadi is not that bad. He says that it’s just a situation that is not in favor. He says that Daadu fully supported Razia against Daadi. Azaan requests another chance for Daadi. Razia agrees but Noor says that she’ll teach a lesson for his Daadi. They both get into a tashan and Razia and Shayra control them. They all have a happy moment and Daadi witness it. She decides to destroy their happiness by first taking down Razia. Her servant signals something.

Asgar plans something and Surraiya asks him not to do any mistake again. Asgar shits her and asks her to go. Someone’s shadow is shown.

Noor meets Razia outside and they both share a moment. Noor wants to sleep with her and Razia takes her with her. Azaan and Shayra share a romantic moment and sleeps. Someone watches them sleeping.

Razia hears some sound and wakes up. She asks who it is. She goes in search of the sound which led her to the mystery box. She remembers seeing the same box in her dream. She opens the mystery box and finds a tape recorder. She wonders who kept it there but someone hits her from behind and she falls in the box. The box gets locked.

Noor and Shayra get up hearing Razia knocking the box sound. They search for the source of the sound but someone drops the box in the swimming pool and Razia starts drowning.

Precap: Azaan asks Noor about Razia. Gazala enjoys their suffering.