Mahaepisode:- Chhoti Sardarni Written Update 28th September 2019 Meher gets shot while rescuing Yuvi

The episode starts with Dolly and Kulwant arguing as always. They both taunt each other. Dolly behaves all pricey with Meher’s family but they remained calm with her. Meher and Sarabjit once again argue with each other. Sarabjit asks Meher the reason for her behaving odd with her family. Meher thinks about them killing her lover. She denies answering him and leaves.

Rovi gets kidnappers call who threatens him for his son for money. Rovi gets tensed and he sees Param. He gets an idea and says the kidnappers to kidnap Param so that they will for sure get their money. They agrees for the same.

Rovi thinks of an idea to get Param for them to kidnap him. Param is seen playing with Yuvi and his friends. Rovi gets an idea. He calls Yuvi and gives money to him for shopping. He asks to take Param along with him for the shopping and he agrees. They both leave for shopping but guards stop them. They say that they were playing and starts leaving.

Kidnappers calls Rovi and asks identification of Param. He says he will be in blue pants and red jacket. However just before they reach the men, Param and Yuvi exchange the jacket. The kidnappers mistake Yuvi for Param seeing his jacket and kidnaps him. Param sees a kidnappers face and a wound on his ear. The goons runs behind Param to catch him but backs off seeing police.

Param comes home and Rovi gets shocked seeing him all fine. He tries calling the kidnappers back but the number is not reachable. He reaches his family and tries saying him about Yuvi but everyone ignored his words thinking it to be a joke. They all leave home.

Sarabjit gets kidnapper’s call who says about them kidnapping his son. He scolds them and cuts the call. Kulwant gets furious on learning about Yuvi’s disappearance. She sends Bittu and Rana to search for Yuvi. Yuvi’s mother calls Meher and informs her about Yuvi’s disappearance. She asked if Yuvi is with them and she answers no. She asks to check in dicky as Yuvi always hide there. She leaves to check in the car when she hears Sarabjit scolding the kidnappers on phone. She gets doubtful and snatches the phone from him. She asks the kidnapper to send the picture of the kid. They sends and Meher cries seeing Yuvi tied up in the video and cries. Sarabjit too sees it abd gets shocked. They demand 20 crore for releasing Yuvi. Meher lies to Yuvi’s mom that Yuvi is with her and asks her not to worry. Sarabjit assures Meher that they will save Yuvi for sure.

Sarabjit informs Police and they traces the call. They tries collecting information while Police asks for Param to get details fro him. Meher herself investigates Param in a childish way thus getting the details. They check the video and gets a clue that it’s a rice mill. Police gets their clue and everyone sighs in relief.

Dolly sees all the things and asks details to Sarabjit who informs her about Yuvi getting kidnapped instead of Param. Dolly gets shocked and asks them to inform Kulwant of the same but Meher says against it. Both Sarabjit and Meher leave and Dolly despite Meher’s pleading informs Yuvi’s mother about the kidnap. They all gets shocked and cries.

The kidnappers slap Yuvi and holds him on gun point. He calls Sarabjit and scolds him for informing police. He threatens to punish Yuvi for his mistake. A gun shot is heard and both Param and Yuvi gets shocked hearing it. Ut turns out to be a fake alarm and they sighs in relief. The kidnapper asks them to come to another location with the money instead of the kidnapped location.

The kidnappers decides to burn Yuvi along with the place and pours oil everywhere. Meher and Sarabjit reaches the place and watches it hiding. All of a sudden Sarabjit’s phone rings alerting the kidnappers. Both Meher and Sarabjit fights with the goon and Meher gets shot.

Both Meher and Sarabjit family wait for their arrival. Sarabjit brings Yuvi and his mom hugs him. Everyone sighs in relief. They asks about Meher but Yuvi says about her getting shot. They all gets shocked but Meher comes all fit and fine. She says that she wore bullet proof jacket on Sarabjit’s insistence. Meher’s family thanks Sarabjit for his big help.

Everyone leaves and Meher too hesitantly thanks Sarabjit. They both once again get into argument only to be interrupted by Param. Everyone gets happy