Mahaepisode: Kasauti Zindagi kay Written Update 9th November 2019: Prerna interrupts Sonalika romantic moment with Anurag

Episode starts with Anurag surprised to see Sonalika in his meeting room. Sonalika says it’s her surprise and gives him file and He thanks her asks her to wait in his cabin until he finishes his meeting. Sonalika asks Ashish to show her every detail in the office. Ashish agrees.

Ashish shows her their file storage room. Komolika missed to notice Prerna because she bends to collect her papars. Anshul mocks prerna saying don’t know why their boss hires her. Mala informs to Prerna to take file to Anurag cabin. Anurag notices his pic with Sonalika on the desk. Sonalika asks him whether he surprised. He says it’s good but can’t place near work place. Sonalika gets emotional and he agrees to make her happy.

Sonalika tries to romance with Anurag. They gets interrupted by knock on the door by Prerna. Anurag gives permission to come but Prerna notices she bought wrong file and left to collect correct one. Sonalika observes none in the outsides, Anurag says maybe by mistake someone knocked.
Ashish mocks Prerna for her attitude. Prerna ignores him says she will talk with him later. Anurag asks Sonalika to go to house because it’s getting late. She agrees. Prerna gives Anuag file and once he get confirmation she is the one who knocked door previously he thanks her. They lost in eachother while reminscing their previous moments.

Anurag offers to drop Mala and Prerna to their places but Prerna denies. Sonalika welcomes Anurag. He gets surprised seeing so much food. Sonalika says it’s for both of them and thinks she gonna take first bite of sweet from his hand. But seeing Moloy, Anurag invites him to taste his Favourite sweet. Sonalika gets irritated.

Later Anurag says he bought that new company knowing they are their rivals which surprises Moloy. Anupam says their family members r giving his change credit to Sonalika which is not reality. Anurag says girls love praises so asks him take it lightly.
At storeroom Anurag witness his dancing pic with Prerna and gets some flashes. Shivani receives Mala call for Prerna and Mala says about their pics with Anurag. Shivani gets shocked and questions Prerna about the same. Veena asks Prerna to Resign her job.

Anurag calls Mohini and shows them his pic pic with Prerna. Family gets shocked seeing the pictures. Nivedita and Mohini says this picture is nothing and they already informed him every important thing from last 2years. Moloy asks Anurag to explain what he feel about that pic than they can say. Anurag tries to say but Mohini interrupts saying it’s normal pic from their Diwali celebrations. Sonalika says his family is caring and they can’t lie to him.

Veena asks why she hides this job truth from them. Prerna says it happened without her knowledge and she is just employee to Anurag. Veena says she knows what she feels for

Anurag and says she is not stopping her from work, she just want her to stay away from Anurag.

Sonalika says his family loves them like he loves her. Anurag says when is love included in their story. Sonalika says he confessed his love to her when he takes her to temple and it’s her badluck he forget about their love. She hugs him. Anupam overhears their convo and notices Anurag is not comfortable while hugging Sonalika.
Anupam says to Nivedita, maybe Anurag forget everything but seems like his heart still remembers Prerna. Nivedita asks him to stop taking Prerna names and says it’s takes time to be comfortable with eachother. Anupam agrees.

Next morning Sonalika says to Mohini, she wants to prepare food for Anurag for their lunch. Mohini feels happy blesses her to stay happy with Anurag.

Prerna thinks about her mom words. She is about to inform Anurag but she breaks Sonalika pic with him by mistake. Prerna tries to clean but Anurag stops her saying it’s ok and asks Servant to clean it. Prerna gives him Resignation letter. Anurag says she can’t resign immediately According to company policies.

Sonalika enquires about Anurag and asks Mala to send cold coffee for her. And thinks noone is going to spoil their lunch date. Mala asks Prerna to take the coffee to Anuag cabin.

Komoloka gets Ronit call. He enquires about her. She says fine and asks him to tell everything he knows about Prerna and Anurag so she can replace herself in Prerna place so he will feel her framed love story about them is real.

Precap – Anurag asks Prerna to prepare profile for line mafia people because he needs pakka information before starting any work . Prerna agrees and says they have some info and went to files room. Komolika locks her room and calls Anurag saying she lost her way.