Mahaepisode Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 2nd November 2019 Written update :- Naira tries to consoles Kartik

Episode begins with Kartik and Naira and running on the streets. Kairav stands in front of a lorry and the driver stopped the car at the end moment. Kartik and Naira stopped on the street and looks at Kairav with shocking eyes.

Suhashini is asking the house members, to look for Kairav as he is such a small kid. Suddenly they noticed Kartik is coming with Kairav. Dr Pallavi asks them to take Kairav to hospital immediately.

In the hospital, Kartik and Naira both are getting worried for Kairav. Dr. Pallavi comes and informs them that Kairav is fine now and he has no major injuries not internal or external. Kartik is broken because he thinks for him is in such a state. Kartik says to Naira that his child is hitting him for doing wrong to him and his mother. Kartik says I am a very bad person because I troubled you both a lot of time.

Naira says don’t think like that, I will talk to him and will try to make him understand. Naira consoles Kartik and Pallavi witnessed it and left. Manish is really upset and heartbroken that his son Kartik is in such a mess. He said witnessing hatred in your own child eyes for you is the most heartbreaking thing in the world. I know what Kartik must be going through now emotionally. I am not worried about Kairav because Naira will make him understand, I know that. What is bothering me is the state of Kartik, I know my son very well he will not be able to bear this. Samarth and Naksh support Manish and give him strength.

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महाएपिसोड ये रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है 2 नवंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट :- नायरा ने कार्तिक को सांत्वना देने की कोशिश की|

Naira is making Kairav sleep but she is lost in thoughts while downstairs Kartik is sitting alone but his family members are asking him to come with them at home. Suhasini tries to make Kartik understand that if Kairav gets up suddenly and see you here then he can feel bad again. Kartik says I will not come in front of him but I will just keep a watch on him from a safe distance.

Kartik suddenly looks at Manish and recalls what all he did to him once upon a time. He gets up and goes to his father and hugs him and then he starts to cry. Manish understands that the kind of emotional turmoil he is going through. He immediately tries to make Kartik feel comfortable and assured.

Manish also shares Naira is there and as a mother she will be able to make his child understand the facts. Kartik says to his father, the way I behaved with you back then is now coming back to me in a form of my own son, he hates me too. he asked Manish how did you survive all this your sweet my friend I am not even able to take one disgusted look from my son.

Naira listens to their conversation from upstairs and gets upset.

In the Goenka Villa, Suhasini get upset with the situation of the house currently. everyone says the celebration of this day has become a nightmare for all of us. Moreover, there is no proper solution to this problem right now. Manish says I know Naira will make him understand but what about Kartik? he is getting punishment for no reason.

Swarna se like you you understand your son better understand nayara better because I am also a mother. No mother in this world can ever want a child to have a rift with his own father.suhasini says as a leader of the house now it is my responsibility to fix the problems as I strongly believe along with Kartik and Naira even we the elders of the families are also responsible to be blamed.

Naira told Kartik that she has decided to disclose the entire truth before their son Kairav. kartik’s is don’t do that you will not be able to understand that his mother and father and not together. He will ask you questions and you will have no answer to them, Naira. She says currently I don’t know what I will answer to him but I should know that I don’t want you or Kairav to have hatred in his mind for you.

Kartik shares with Naira that what all he did with his parents due to a misunderstanding is exactly what is happening to him now as a form of compensation. Kartik says I will live with the thought of my son not loving me but just ask him not to get his father and give him a chance to rectify himself. Naira gets sad to see his state.

Precap : Kairav asks Naksh to book tickets for Goa. Suhashini asks Naira to move into Goenka Villa.