Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 25th March 2020 Written Update: SANJAY BECOMES ACHARYA FOR PANDAV AND KAURAV

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 25th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dridrurashtra in the court where the Acharya of Kaurav and Pandav comes there. He complains about the kids not paying attention on studies but on girls and also harming each other and fighting forever. He also says about them troubling him too. He says that he can’t tutor the kids and leaves from there.

Dridrurashtra gets worried about who will teach the kids. He asks his minister to suggest someone to tutor his kids. Shaguni tries seeking away when Minister suggests his name Dridrurashtra catches him. He asks Shaguni to tutor the kids but Shaguni professes Sanjay’s name to escape the situation. Dridrurashtra agrees for the same.

On the other hand Sanjay is with Albert who is scolding as because of him his marriage couldn’t happen. Albert says that even prime minister have to take appointment in order to speak with him and asks him to behave. He asks why’s he in Daasi clothes and not in normal clothes like him.

Albert says that here every one considers him as messenger from indralok but not him. He asks he could’ve worn warrior’s dress but Albert is afraid to go to the war field and thus took the Daasi Avtar. He asks why did he make black hole but Albert says that it’s a failed experiment. Sanjay asks him to make another black hole but Albert says he don’t know how to make it. A furious Sanjay chases after Albert who runs to escape.

Finally Sanjay catches Albert while Shaguni comes there and misunderstands them. He eyes Albert thinking her to be a Daasi. He takes Sanjay to court and threatens ti reveal about Daasi thing to Maharaj but Sanjay threatens back saying that even he can complain very much about him.

Sanjay is brought to court where Dridrurashtra announces about his Acharya position. Sanjay tries saying that he doesn’t know anything about tutoring but everyone forces him to.

Sanjay goes to the Gurukul to find Kaurav and Pandav fighting each other. He finds Dutchathan trying to remove another person’s Dhoti whose Dhoti was lost by Yudhishtir in the game.

Sanjay laughs at the irony of the situation where they are same even at childhood. He gives them the message about him being new Acharya. They read it and starts troubling Sanjay. Shaguni’s man sees it and gets happy.

Shaguni is drinking and also flirting with Albert trying to get close to him when his man comes and says about Sanjay failing in tutoring the kids. Shaguni gets happy and decides to show it to the Maharaj.

Shaguni and Maharaj comes there to find kids playing cricket peacefully on Sanjay’s guidance. Sanjay explains about cricket to Maharaj and even he wishes to play. Shaguni gets irked. On the other hand Suryabhaan comes with his sena to fight with Dridrurashtra.

Dridrurashtra’s messenger says about Dridrurashtra busy in playing cricket and asks them to come the next day. Irritated Suryabhaan goes directly to the place and Dridrurashtra for not fighting and instead playing cricket. Sanjay proposes a cricket match between them in order to solve their dispute instead of war and they agrees.

Precap : Dridrurashtra and Suryabhaan gets ready for a 20-20 match