Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 26th March 2020 Written Update: Cricket match between Dridrurashtra and Suryabhaan

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 26th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dridrurashtra and Suryabhaan inside the pool discussing about peace in the war. Dridrurashtra doesn’t like it but Suryabhaan forces him to. They discuss about the date of the cricket match. The astrologer says its after three days as all the three planets come in alignment on the particular date and it’s very auspicious.

Dridrurashtra says that it’s the birthday of Gandhari and Suryabhaan agrees ss he too like Gandhari. Dr. Albert in the form of Daasi comes to temple with Gandhari who prays for the victory of Dridrurashtra. She is says about the match in three says as the planets comes in alignment in those three days. Dr. Albert thinks something and gets an idea. He rushes making excuse to Gandhari.

Dridrurashtra is playing cricket with kids and gets out. The kids asks Dridrurashtra for their turn but he doesn’t give the bat. Sanjay asks him to give a chance to others as its a team match but Dridrurashtra didn’t budge. Dr. Albert signals Sanjay and calls him. He says about the planets Alignment on the match day and says that it’s the right day for the the black hole to get created. He says that they both could go back to their time using the Black hole.

Sanjay says that he never did anything good on his life and for the first time God has given an opportunity and he’s not going to let it go. He says that he will make sure that Dridrurashtra wins the match as he believe on him a lot. He hugs D’souza and Shaguni sees it and once again misunderstand them. Sanjay says that there’s nothing as he thinks but Shaguni asks to spend some time with D’souza too thinking her to be woman.

Suryabhaan is practising cricket when Shaguni comes there. Suryabhaan asks him to make sure that he wins the match and Shaguni promises to help him for the same. The soldiers bet on the cricket match about who’ll win and everyone chooses Dridrurashtra as Sanjay is with him.

But Shaguni’s men stays that Suryabhaan as more opportunity and brainwashes them for the same. They all change their mind and starts betting on Suryabhaan. D’souza sees it and texts about match fixing to Sanjay. Sanjay comes there and everyone attacks him but he bends and so Shaguni gets hit.

The match starts and this time Suryabhaan cheats Dridrurashtra and wins the toss. Dridrurashtra being blind couldn’t hit or catch the ball and those Suryabhaan scores 300+ in 20-20. Sanjay worries about how will Dridrurashtra wins as its a high score.

D’souza calls Sanjay and he comes there. Shaguni’s men run after D’souza and Sanjay and they couldn’t find them as they are so strong. Sanjay runs away and bumps with a girl with whom he falls in love with instantly. He’s so lost in her that the men catches Sanjay.

Precap : Dridrurashtra is locked and so is Sanjay by the men while on the other hand D’souza creates the black hole.