Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 27th March 2020 Written Update: Team Hastinapur wins the match against Team Suryabhan

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 27th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with the mens kidnapping Sanjay from the market and here all are waiting for Sanjay to come so that they can start the cricket match. Shakuni mama is telling Dhritarashtra that I feel Sanjay escaped the plan and he will not come today whereas Suryabhan is waiting for Sanjay.

Bheem and Arjun are planning that if Dhritarashtra goes for batting then he will make us lose the match whereas Sanjay is trying to divert the kidnappers that he is not going to oppose their plan and will cooperate with you all but before that you need to tell me about your plan.

That girl comes there and saves Sanjay but when she gets to know the why he is here and why he is being kidnapped she also says that I can’t let you go as I bet Rs.500 in the betting of the cricket match. D.souza comes there and somehow rescues Sanjay from that place and also takes away the key of the car so that he can prepare the black whole and they can go out of this place.

Everybody is gathered back at the cricket ground and one after another all the players of the team is getting out one after another as Shakuni is betraying them and making all the good players out one by one.

After a lot of players finally Bhim comes to do the batting and he somehow he does manage to make a noticable runs on the board for his team whereas they have blocked the way for King Dhritarastra in the toilet so that he can not come out and do the batting as he in unable to see and he can not score runs for the team. Finally Bhim also got out in the same way by Shakuni’s conspiracies like it used to do with the other players.

Finally Sanjay reaches the cricket match field and goes on the crease to do the batting there as team Hastinapur is slowly losing the match. He goes on the crease and did score a huge run and put his 200 run son the score board whereas scientist Dsouza made the time machine work again and the blackwhole is appearing again and he tries to contact Sanjay to reach the spot fast so that they can come out of this Hastinapur as soon as possible. Sanjay is scoring runs with Shakuni when he himself gets himself out from the match and Sanjay is left with Bhisma only to play as all the other players are out from the match.

Sanjay gets the text and then he gets into a dilemma about what to do and how to do as he wants to get out of this time lap situation but leaving the match in between is going against the commitment he made to them and finally he decides that it is more important to save himself first than to keep promises and he simply runs away from the field and finally Bhim brings Dhritarashtra to the field to do the batting.

King Suryabhan is doing the last over and he is confident that they are winning the match but at the last ball of the over Dhritarashtra hits a six and Sanjay also couldn’t go out from Hastinapur as the ball hits the car and the black whole disappears.

Precap – Sanjay helped the girl again who is lying on the road and everyone in the palace is talking about Sanjay.