Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 2nd April 2020 Written Update: Sanjay decides to help Sunaina

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 2nd April 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sanjay’s mother praises Sunaina. Sanjay says Sunaina also a thief. Sanjay’s mother says Sanjay and Sunaina made for each other and everything turns out to be Sanjay’s dream. Sanjay screams loudly to save him from the fire and prays to God. Dhritarashtra wants a portrait of him and Gandhari.

The artist asks Gandhari to stand properly and shouts at the people who tried to see his painting. Dhritarashtra asks the artist to not get angry and says he just wanted the necklace to be a part of their new portrait. Gandhari says to bring back that necklace her brother Shakuni worked lot and even put his life in danger. Dhritarashtra mimicks how always Gandhari keep chanting Shakuni name.

Shakuni comes there with Sunaina and says he caught the theif too. Sunaina mockingly says both theif and necklace is original. Dhritarashtra compares Shakuni with Sanjay while praising him. Shakuni shocks listening that. Sanjay escapes from there. Dhritarashtra says Gandhari wants to thank Shakuni. Shakuni sees him with confusion.

Dhritarashtra says he wants to thank him for his bravery job. Dhritarashtra says he invited the Jeweller and Shakuni has to welcome him. Shakuni thinks if Jeweller saw the necklace then everyone will gets to know that necklace is duplicate. Sunaina mockingly asks now what Shakuni will do? Shakuni thinks first he have to do something with Sunaina and asks Dhritarashtra to punish Sunaina.

Dhritarashtra says it’s a punishment not a blessing that he can give just like that and Sunaina have chance to put her point in this case. Shakuni says he himself caught her red handed. Dhritarashtra says he didn’t saw anything. Sanjay comes there and says Dhritarashtra should not give the judgement now.

Shakuni asks what Sanjay doing here? Sanjay says the theif who caught by Shakuni is innocent and asks Dhritarashtra to leave Sunaina. Dhritarashtra says but he have to punish Sunaina. Sanjay says he feels the real culprit is someone else so not punish innocent girl and says he will prove her innocence.

Shakuni meets Sunaina in prison. He asks her about the original necklace. Sunaina says she sold that to Suryabhan. Shakuni says how dare she to sell that necklace to Suryabhan now her death is confirm. Sunaina asks Shakuni to stay calm. Shakuni gets angry knowing before him Sanjay came to Prison to meet Sunaina.

Sanjay asks Shakuni that what will happen with Shakuni when Dhritarashtra gets to know that necklace is duplicate. Shakuni gets afraid. Sanjay says if Dhritarashtra gets to know the truth then Shakuni’s death is confirm and he makes a deal with him. He says he will bring the original necklace from Suryabhan and Shakuni have to save Sunaina from death. Shakuni agrees with him.

D’souza meets Suryabhan and says Dhritarashtra and Gandhari sent drinks as a gift for him. Suryabhan asks why suddenly gift? D’souza says it’s Dhritarashtra and Gandhari’s marriage anniversary. Suryabhan says if he married Gandhari then he would be a father of 100 son’s.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sanjay tries to stole the necklace from Suryabhan with the help of D’souza.