Maharani kidnaps Heer| Saumya fears for Heer’s safety: Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

Saumya’s old enemy is back to avenge her in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

Maharani who tried to sell off Saumya in Bangkok is back in the sow to bring high voltage drama in the show. Harman managed to rescue Saumya and afterwards in a fight with her, Mahrani fallen down-off from the cliff.

Now Maharani is back to avenge Saumya and took her first step in destroying her life by kidnapping Heer.

Heer goes to meet Mahi alone at night and Preeto , Saumya , Raavi and Sindhu looks for her. Afterwards, on the way back to home Heer gets kidnaps and Saumya worries for Heer. Preeto takes help from Harak and ask him to find Heer. Harak asks inspector to find his granddaughter and threatens him.

There, Maharani plans to take away Heer with her to the other country. Now in the upcoming episode will see, Saumya and Preeto will join hands together to find Heer. Preeto will infrom Saumya that Maharani is back and she is the only one who has kidnapped Heer.

Fearing for Heer’s safety, Saumya will pray to almighty for her safe return. However, she is unaware of the fact that she is around. Though, Heer will spot Saumya at the temple.

What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

How Saumya will save Heer from Mahrani’s trap will be watch worthy. Do Maharani will be get successful in taking Heer with her? Do Saumya and Preeto will reach on time to save Heer? Well, time will only tell. To know more keep watching the show mon-fri on Colors TV.

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