MahaVastu expert Khushdeep Bansal: Even today, I believe that individuals with extensive experience and in-depth studies truly add value

MahaVastu expert Khushdeep Bansal is all set to pen his autobiography. He became an author over two decades back and is finally ready to share his journey to the world. The VastuShastri expert and author talks about how things started and where he is now.

“I became an author in 2002-2003 when I wrote a book on Vastu Shastra and another book on Remedies. After that, I began compiling all my case studies. In 2010, I wrote a small book on MahaVastu Shastra, which became a bestseller. In 2012, along with other titles, I wrote the biggest book on Vastu Shastra, the ‘MahaVastu Handbook’. My latest book was the translation of the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita into Hindi, English, Punjabi, and other languages,” he says.


Khushdeep’s latest book is yet to be released. “In a time when there was no social media and books were the primary medium for gaining knowledge, I believe it was the best era. Social media, in my opinion, does not contribute significantly to gaining true knowledge. It bombards users with an overwhelming amount of information without discerning the facts, which can be more distracting and confusing than enlightening. Even today, I believe that individuals with extensive experience and in-depth studies truly add value. Information technology helps spread and share ideas globally, but it falls short in facilitating deep learning. Nevertheless, we must adapt to these new means of social media and the formats they entail. There is pressure to convey information in shorter bytes, which lack depth but gain popularity, as seen on platforms like Instagram and YouTube shorts. People share tips and bytes that often lack substance because they lack a solid foundation, groundwork, or proper verification. These shortcomings are evident on social media platforms,” he adds.

Khushdeep shares that followers, team, and those who appreciate his work, are looking forward to his autobiography. “I am uncertain why they are deeply interested in my life or my life stories, but they are all curious to know how I handle situations when my mind goes blank or feels blocked. Therefore, I am considering writing an autobiography, which will likely be my next book,” he says.

 Talking about the kind of books he wants to write, he adds, “It is challenging to define, but my aspiration is to write a book that simplifies the most complex ideas, making them accessible to everyone. I aim to provide insights to help individuals navigate life situations and lead happier, healthier lives. I wish to share knowledge that has supported people for generations in leading successful and joyful lives.”