Mai to get arrested in Gathbandhan?

Undoubtedly this show has one of the cutest and unique love stories currently between the leads. Colors show Gatbandhan is a story about two people who are in love but belongs not only different but contradictory profession where one is a police office the other one is a gangster.

Currently as per the story of the show it was seen Mai has finally accepted Dhanak as her daughter-in-law and Raghu and Dhanak are getting married finally as per their wish with all kinds of rituals and functions.

These days the hardcore fans of Raghu and Dhanak are getting to see many lovey dovey scebes between them. As their marriage preparations are on a full swing Raghu and Dhanak are not getting enough of each other. In the last episode of the show we have seen that how Raghu stopped Dhanak from going out and how he once again expressed his love for her. He made a tattoo of Dhanak’s name in his body.

Now in an upcoming episode of the show Mai will take an unexpected decision which will change the equations of the relations again. In tonight’s episode viewers will again get to see some lovely moments between Raghu and Dhanak.

Raghu will ask Dhanak that from now till the last moment of their life Dhanak will stand by his side and be his support system. Dhanak willfully says Yes and they both will hug each other and spend some quality time. Meanwhile, Police will arrive at the house of Savitri Tai and Dhanak will come down in uniform. Raghu will be shocked with these turn of events.

Later Mayi in a haste to save herself from the obvious outcome will take a drastic decision in the show. Well keeping the profession of Dhanak in mind this will change the equations once again and Dhanak will be put in a dilemma between responsibility and love.

Let’s see will Dhanak manages to make mayi understand? Will she compromise with her duty for Raghu’s sake? Let us watch the episodes to get all these updates.