Main Hoon Aparajita 10th January 2023 Written Update: Akshay is admitted to the hospital

Main Hoon Aparajita 10th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Guruji asking Aparajita to come out of the ice. Disha fights with the Goon. Mohini comes and asks the Goon where is Akshay? Disha says he is in the truck. Mohini sees that the truck is locked. Mohini asks where are the keys. Nia and Disha beat the crap out of goon. Aparajita’s and Asha reach the place. Aparajita says the key might be with the Goon. Disha asks The Goon where are the keys. Akshay is shown to be freezing in the truck.

Mohini bangs on the truck and takes Akshay’s name. Asha reminds Aparajita that once she opened their van with a scale when their van is locked like this. Aparajita recalls about it and asks Asha to bring a scale. Aparajita opens the truck door with a scale. Aparajita tries to open the truck back door and she opens it by touching a button.

The Goon takes Asha hostage and points the gun to Asha’s head. The Goon asks them not to come in his way if not the girl will die along with Akshay.

Veer comes and hits the Goon with a hammer on the thief’s head. Veer saves Asha from the Goon. Veer asks where is Akshay? Mohini says he is in the freezer truck. Veer thinks he has to kill Akshay before Akshay regains consciousness. Aparajita comes and sees that Akshay is unconscious. Aparajita tries to wake Akshay up. Aparajita rubs Akshay’s hand. Mohini hugs Akshay. Aparajita asks for a quilt. Disha gives quilt to Aparajita. Mohini asks them to untie Akshay. Veer thinks he has to kill Akshay no matter what.

Akshay and Aparajita get in the ambulance. Mohini separates Akshay and Aparajita’s hand. Mohini reminds Aparajita that Akshay held her hand while he is unconscious. Aparajita says to Mohini that she knows. Mohini says she will not leave the people who did this to Akshay. Mohini reminds that she already knows who it is and says she just doesn’t want to admit it. Aparajita takes Veer’s name and says that he did this. Aparajita and Mohini admit Akshay in the hospital.

Chavi worries about Akshay in the hospital. Disha says nothing will happen to Akshay and consoles Chavi. Chavi and Asha get shocked hearing Disha calling Akshay father. Chavi talks about it. Chavi says it is the first time Disha is calling Akshay father but there is no use now. Chavi asks Aparajita to do something and save Akshay. Chavi says if they can find Akshay by her Tapasya then they can also save him.

Mohini asks the doctor what happened. The doctor says they brought Akshay very late and says he is in freezer truck for a long time and because of it he lost his senses and went into a coma. The doctor says he will not be able to revive Akshay. Mohini says this is not possible.

All the family members come to Akshay. Veer calls Sunil and says what the doctor said. Sunil also says he found out who sent Aparajita the video. Veer asks who is it. Sunil says it is Ritika’s sister Deepika. Veer decides to kill Deepika but Sunil objects to it and says he will not do anything right now.

Mohini recalls what happened. Aparajita prays to Lord Siva about Akshay’s well being. Mohini makes Aparajita get up. Mohini asks Aparajita to stop acting. Mohini blames Aparajita for Akshay’s situation. Mohini says she did Tapasya with wrong mind. Mohini says to Aparajita that she is taking revenge on Akshay for what he did. Aparajita goes to Akshay. Mohini stops Aparajita but Aparajita’s gets out of her hold and goes to Akshay.

Aparajita comes to Akshay and asks him why is it always her fault and says when he left them 15 years ago it was her fault that she couldn’t keep them and now it is also her fault that they couldn’t save him.

Episode ends.

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