Main Hoon Aparajita 10th November 2022 Written Update: Disha implements her kidnap plan

Main Hoon Aparajita 10th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Asha saying to her mother and sisters she will go and check who came hearing a calling bell sound. Chavi stops her and goes to check by herself. Aparajita thinks about why Chavi is changing. Asha says it’s good Chavi is doing her work. Aparajita asks them to get ready for college. Asha says they don’t go to college and she is about to reveal to Aparajita their kidnap plan. Disha stops her and covers the situation saying they are missing Dadi. Aparajita says she is missing Dadi too but leave about it and get ready for college.

Manish and Akshay return from jogging. Manish scolds Akshay for leaving the business deal. He says he talked to MLA and he felt regret for talking to you in that way so let’s go and meet him again. Akshay says he doesn’t want to deal with MLA as his son misbehaved with Chavi.

Manish says it’s wrong to mix emotions and business so let’s meet him as he is giving us land to start your business. That time Mohini on call asks which hospital he joined and who thrashed him. Akshay asks what happened. Mohini says Vicky is in hospital. Akshay asks if he is the one who misbehaved with Chavi. Mohini says it’s just a misunderstanding. Akshay asks who beat him this time. Mohini says they will know once he gains consciousness.

Veer gets mad thinking about why Chavi blocked him. MLA confronts Veer and asks him why he beat Vicky and asks if it’s related to a girl? He asks him to tell him the name of the girl. Veer leaves without revealing anything. Mla calls his men to know who’s Veer’s girlfriend. Aparajita smiles hearing Chavi’s audio message. Chavi asks Aparajita to taste the kheer prepared by her even though it’s not tasty like Dadi prepared Kheer. She sees Kheer in the kitchen. Amma calls Aparajita. Aparajita asks if she remembered her.

Amma says she never forgets her and wishes her happy birthday. Aparajita thanks her and tells her that she is missing her. She reveals to her that Chavi prepared kheer for her. Amma says it’s good and asks about Veer. Aparajita says she didn’t understand why Veer learn Chavi’s number to convey his apologies. Akshay comes there. Amma hides her phone. Akshay asks Amma to taste the Paratha. Amma asks him to take her to Aparajita as today is her birthday. Akshay looks unhappy.

Aparajita taste Kheer prepared by Chavi. Amma requests Akshay to take her. Akshay refuses and leaves asking her to eat the Parathas. Guffran receives a call from Disha. He asks Chavi to stay in the shop and he leaves telling her he is going to join in Disha’s plan. Veer comes there and contents Chavi why she blocked him.

Chavi gets shocked and asks why he came. Veer asks her to answer him. Chavi asks him to leave. She says mom did so much to me so I can’t hurt her. Veer asks if she can see him getting hurt. He hurts himself with the iron box. Chavi stops him and says she loves her family and she won’t let them face backlash because of her actions. She says mom won’t accept you so leave. Veer says he can’t leave her as she just belongs to him. He says he won’t come behind her but she will come to him.

Guffran, Disha, and Asha get ready like nurses and they take the ambulance driver’s help. Disha calls Dadi and asks her to get ready if she wants to give blessings to Aparajita. Dadi says she didn’t get it. Disha explains her plan. Dadi agrees and she acts like she is in pain. Mohini and Nia go to Dadi’s room. Mohini says she will call Akshay. Dadi asks them to call Ambulance. Mohini calls Citi hospital. Disha and Asha come there like with Guffran like hospital staff canceling the Citi hospital ambulance.

They take Amma downstairs. Mohini sits in the Ambulance. Disha says to Mohini that they can’t take her in an ambulance without testing her. Dadi shouts she is in pain. Mohini thinks Akshay will kill her if something happens to Dadi. She asks them to take Dadi and tells them she will follow them in her car. Mohini notices her car tire is punctured. She calls someone and stops Disha and co.

Aparajita’s car breakdown on the way. She requests rampyaari to start for her. Akshay comes there and offers to give her a lift. Aparajita starts the car and tells him that Ram pyaari loves me so I don’t need anyone gifts or lifts. Mohini says to the nurse, Citi hospital people are saying they didn’t send any ambulance so tell me what’s happening. Disha gets tensed. Akshay wishes a happy birthday to Aparajita. He warns her to not meet his mom as he can bear if she manipulates his mom. Aparajita rebukes him and tells him that she will see who will stop her from meeting Amma.

Episode ends.

The episode starts with Veer making Chavi beat Vicky with a rod. Chavi shouts to stop Veer and tells him that she can’t do it. Aparajita hears Chavi’s voice and goes in that way. Veer asks Chavi to not cry. He tells Chavi that Vicky needs to cry for misbehaving with her and he tells her he will teach a lesson to Vicky. She asks if it is needed. Veer says it’s needed. He thrashes Vicky for touching his girl. Chavi gets impressed. Aparajita searches for Chavi and reaches the gym area. Veer beats Vicky badly. Chavi stops Veer holding his face. Veer asks Vicky to seek forgiveness from Chavi. Vicky apologizes to Chavi. Veer warns Vicky to not reveal the gym incident to anyone. Veer’s friends come there and take Vicky with them.

Watchman doesn’t allow Aparajita inside the gym. Aparajira asks him if any girls come here. He denies. She thinks Chavi won’t come here. Veer says to Chavi that she changed him and asks her to not leave him ever. Chavi says she won’t leave him but she needs to go now to her college. Aparajita tries her daughter’s number. Chavi goes out. Veer offers to give lift but Chavi denies saying her mom won’t like it and he didn’t know her mom’s anger. That time Chavi’s phone rings. Aparajita hears Chavi’s ringtone and she spots Chavi and asks where she went without going to college. Veer stands in front of Chavi. Chavi requests him to not talk in front of her mom. Aparajita recognizes Veer. She asks Chavi if he is following her again to tease her. Veer says yes, I’m following Chavi to convey my apologies. Aparajita asks why didn’t he come to the laundry in that case. Veer says I thought to apologise to you at the station itself but didn’t do it thinking about my dad’s reputation but I can’t hold myself anymore that’s why I returned your 40k along with your belongings learning your condition is not good and if possible forgive me. He leaves. Aparajita asks Chavi why she is talking to Veer. Chavi says he really came to seek forgiveness. Aparajita says they can’t trust anyone.

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