Main Hoon Aparajita 20th November 2022 Written Update: Akshay gets beaten up

Main Hoon Aparajita 20th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Akshay stopping Aparajita from leaving and asking where is she going? Aparajita shows the direction and says she is going that way. Akshay hopes all the girls are safe in the restaurant. The protestors bang on the door to make the girls open the door. Asha tries to break the glass. Nia feels like she is going to faint.

Akshay sees someone coming and hides from them. The protestors see that there is no one here and leave from there. The protestors say they have to come out if not they will feel suffocated because of the gas. A protestor sees Akshay and gets into a fight with Akshay and chokes him. Asha feels suffocated because of the gas. Disha encourages Asha that she can do it.

Aparajita gets stuck in the gate and prays to Lord Siva. Aparajita gets unstuck out of the gate. Akshay takes a rod and hits the protestors who is choking him. Disha catches Asha who is about to fall. Disha says she is here to catch her and asks Asha to break the glass. Asha breaks the glass and sees Aparajita from the window. Aparajita asks if she is alright. Asha says everyone is alright and Nia is with them. Asha asks Aparajita to save them. Aparajita recalls seeing a ladder and goes to bring it.

The protestors talk about why didn’t the girls come out till now. The other one says if they come out they will be suffocated because of the gas and their tension will be over. Akshay overhears them talking and thinks if they are talking about his daughters. Aparajita sets the ladder and asks Asha to tell the girls to push her so that she will come out. Asha asks Disha to push her. The protestors come out and asks who is here. The protestor gets on the ladder seeing it. Inside the protestors look for Akshay. Aparajita pushes the ladder and the protestor falls down. Aparajita takes a stick and starts beating the protestors who fell down.

Dadi prays for her family’s wellbeing. Mohini sees Dadi is having breathing problems. Mohini gives her tablets and water to drink. Mohini says she will not allow her to die as Akshay cares for her. Mohini asks Dadi to pray for Nia and Akshay. Dadi says everyone will be alright. Mohini says she doesn’t care about Aparajita and her daughters. Dadi says Aparajita will save Nia. Mohini leaves from there

Akshay takes a hockey stick and tries to hit a protestor from the back. A protestor puts a knife against Akshay’s neck and asks who is he and where did he come from?

Asha says the ladder is broken and she is very tired. Aparajita says until there is courage nothing will happen to them. Aparajita says she will go and get another ladder.

Akshay says his girls are inside and says he will leave after taking them. Akshay says he knows Sunil Thakur and asks the protestor if he should call Sunil Thakur. The protestors decide to teach a lesson to Akshay as they think he is Sunil Thakur’s man. The main protestor asks the other protestor to take Akshay to the storeroom.

Chavi says she has to go. Veer stops Chavi. The opposition party people see Veer’s bike and identify and look for him.

The protestors start beating Akshay thinking he is Sunil Thakur’s man. Aparajita sees Akshay getting beaten up by the protestors. The main protestor says to Akshay that he is going to kill him after torturing him.

The protestor gets a call. He asks if they found Veer or not. The protestor from the phone call finds out that the other people found Veer and a girl is also with Veer and they are in Sector 9. A protestor is about stab Akshay but the other protestor stops him and gives an idea saying they will make a video of him and send it to their boss. They will see if Sunil Thakur will take his name back from the elections or not. The protestor says then they can kill this Akshay. The protestors agree. Aparajita overhears them and thinks of how to save Akshay as Sunil will never take his name back for Akshay. Aparajita prays to Lord Siva to show her the way.

Episode ends.

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