Main Hoon Aparajita 2nd November 2022 Written Update: The kids choose Aparajita over Mohini

Main Hoon Aparajita 2nd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Mohini greeting Puppy who came with the girls. Puppy says according to what Mohini said she brought all the girls here. Mohini says thanks. Akshay comes and calls Mohini to a side. Mohini comes to Akshay. Akshay says to Mohini that Aparajita is staying in the laundry. Mohini says she knows. Akshay asks what are these people here for? Mohini says today is Durga ashtami and says we are going to do Kanya Pooja here. Mohini says to Akshay that she shifted Dadi upstairs. Akshay asks Mohni why did she do that? Mohini says Dadi knows Aparjita is here even after I took away her phone and says she shifted Dadi upstairs so that any unwanted people can’t meet her. Akshay agrees. Puppy says to Mohini that she brought the children from Aparajita’s home and says how Aparajita looked at that time.

Disha complaints to Aparajita about their neighbour’s behaviour. Chavi asks if this time there will be Kanya Pooja or not. Aparajita says there will be. Mohni gives the gold coin to every adult. Chavi brings some street children and asks Aparajita if they can do Kanya Pooja with these children. Aparjita says they can and tells the girls what to do. Mohini asks the girls to get down from the furniture. Puppy also says they came here for Pooja. Mohini calls the maid Preeti to clean their legs. One of the girls asks Mohini if she will not clean their legs and says Aparajita cleans their legs everytime. Mohini says to the girl she is not Aparajita. Puppy also supports Mohini. The girls play happily with Aparajita. In Mohini’s house, they serve Pizza to eat. The kids say they don’t want this and say they want to eat Halwa Puri that Aparjita makes. Mohini asks them to shut up and eat. The kids don’t like Mohini’s behaviour and they refuse to eat her food and leave to Aparajita’s house. Mohini tries to stop the kids but they don’t listen to her. The parents give back her gold coin and leave from there.

The kids come to Aparajita’s laundry and say they also want to eat her Halwa puri and complaint about Mohini’s behavior. Aparjita asks them to sit down. Mohini says to Aparajita that she didn’t win by doing this. Aparajita says she is taking this as a win and loss and not her. Aparajita asks Mohini to eat Halwa puri and asks Mohini to take some for Dadi. Mohini says to Aparjita that she shifted Dadi upstairs and says she will make sure Dadi doesn’t get her Halwa Puri.

Aparajita comes to Dadi’s room window through the ladder and calls Dadi. Dadi sees Aparjita and goes to her. Dadi asks Aparajita how did she come here? Aparjita says she came here to make her eat Halwa puri. Disha holds the ladder. Dadi praises Aparajita. Aparajita says to Dadi that she came here for Swardh. Dadi says to Aparajita that Mohini took her phone. Aparajita gives a new phone to Dadi. Aparajita recalls she forgot the charger. Aparjita calls Disha and says she forgot the charger. Disha says she will call Chavi. Disha makes a conference call to Chavi and says to Chavi that Aparajita forgot the charger. Chavi searches for the charger. Disha also connects Asha to know the movement of Mohini. Asha sees Mohini going upstairs. Asha picks up the call and says to Disha to get Aparajita away. Disha says Aparajita forgot the charger. Aparajita asks Asha to stop Mohini somehow. Chavi finds the charger and says she found the charger on the phone. Aparajita asks Chavi to bring the charger quickly.

Episode ends.

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