Main Hoon Aparajita 31st October 2022 Written Update: Veer impresses Chavi

Main Hoon Aparajita 31st October 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Aparajita purchasing things needed for puja. She counts the chunri set. She says they are 8 and 1 is missing. The shopkeeper says it’s the last set and he may order it if she told him before. Puppy comes there. She says I heard Mohini throw you out last night it means you’re not the bahu of that house. Aparajita says the truth is in front of you and no one can take the place except Shiv Ji. Atmosphere changes. Mohini leaves in her car. Devi maa chunri flies from Akshay’s house and falls on Aparajita. Aparajita feels happy to get it. Aparajita says Puppy you hear gossips well but you’re deaf when we call you for help. Puppy leaves aside.

Akshay comes there and asks what’s she doing in the colony. He asks where are his daughters and tells her that he is worried about them. Aparajita says they are her daughters. She reveals to him they are staying in the laundry house to fight for their rights. Akshay says you want to take revenge on me that’s why you’re staying here to tell people that I’m a low level man who throws out his wife and daughters from the house. Aparajita says it’s the truth so no need to tell anyone. Akshay asks her to not cross her limits. Aparajita says till now I’m in limits but you throw me out and the person who’s in front of you mother of my kids. She tries to leave saying she is getting late for puja. Akshay is about to say she is still his wife but he stops. Aparajita returns and tells him that their relationship ended long back. Akshay says you refused my gifted house and staying in 3rd grade place. He asks her to tell people about it. Aparajita mocks him for buying a house in a village that is far from their college and her shop. Puppy and others smile at him. Akshay asks them to leave. He tells Aparajita that they need to save their daughters from strangers. Aparajita says her daughters have fear of near ones. She leaves.

Disha and Chavi go to the local tap for water where ladies gossip about how Akshay throw them in the night. Chavi feels bad. Disha rebukes them then she tells Chavi that she doesn’t need to feel bad. Chavi smiles and says she is a single piece.

Mohini comes out of the car. She asks the driver if the car gets repaired or not. The driver says they need to call the mechanic as he is not understanding the problem. Mohini scolds him and leaves by walk. Disha receives a call and she goes to the garage to collect their van after informing Chavi. Veer sends messages to Chavi through kids. Chavi gets impressed reading his messages. Veer comes there and helps the lady by lifting the water bowl for her. Lady blesses him. Next, he helps Chavi.

Mohini thinks she thought it will be the best day of her life but everything going against her. That time she gets Akshay’s call but she doesn’t answer the call. Veer is about to go with Chavi. Another lady calls him for help. He goes to her. Mohini doesn’t notice them.

Aparajita asks Asha to check with her sisters as they didn’t return getting water. That time Chavi returns home with water. She blushes thinking about Veer. Aparajita asks why she is smiling. Chavi says nothing and asks if everything is ready for Kanya puja. Aparajita says she called everyone but two people don’t attend her calls. Asha asks if they come to their house. Aparajita says the house is changed and we didn’t change then why can’t they send their kids? Someone knocks on the door. She goes to check.

Mohini on the call tells her brother how Akshay is worried for his daughters. That time she receives the driver’s call. She attends it. The driver tells her the car is ready. She asks him to come soon. Then she asks Manish if he finds where Aparajita and her daughters are staying. Manish says he suspects they are near their place. Mohini says it’s her challenge that they won’t return to this place and if it happens then I will roam the colony by darkening my face. He says he loves her confidence and disconnects the call. Mohini comes out and checks her phone while waiting for her car. Disha comes there with her van and she drives through a puddle. Muddy waterfalls on Mohini’s face. Mohini sees it’s Disha’s van and gets mad at her.

Episode ends.

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