Main Hoon Aparajita 5th November 2022 Written Update: Apatajita rescues Mohini

Main Hoon Aparajita 5th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Aparajita applying cream to Disha’s injuries. On another side, Akshay and Mohini argue with each other. Neha comes there and asks why they are fighting. They get surprised to see their daughter and hug her happily. Akshay asks how come she come one day before as she told him the next day. Neha says it’s my surprise. Mohini asks if he knows that she is coming. Akshay agrees. Neha asks why they are arguing with each other. Mohini says they are fighting for time pass. Neha asks them to fight for a solid reason. Mohini says he hid your arrival from me and I can fight over it. Akshay acts scared. Neha says he looks cute. Akshay and Mohini explain to Neha that Noida is not safe for women. Neha says that aunty said the same. Mohini asks which aunty. Aparajita notices Disha is injured on the neck too and she leaves in anger. Neha says that aunty is sweet and helped me by buying earrings. She presents earnings to Mohini. Mohini tells her she likes them and hugs her.

Mohini notices she is receiving a snake charmer call. She goes outside and attends the call. Snake charmer asks her to send him the remaining payment. Mohini disconnects the call by telling him that she will pay once the work is done. Aparajita comes there and takes Mohini to her shop. Mohini asks why she dragged him to their shop. Aparajita says she doesn’t want to do drama on road like her. Mohini says it’s her daughter’s mistake. Aprajita says to Mohini what do you think of yourself, your people can harm my daughter. Mohini says, you love your daughter a lot but who saw the future there could be a chance you may not be available to help your daughter. Aprajita says you don’t have to care about that as my Shiv Ji will protect us and he punish the wrong people. Mohini gets scared seeing shake near her. Snake bites Mohini. Mohini shouts loudly. Neha and Akshay come out of the house hearing her voice.

Aparajita supports Mohini. She asks her daughters to call Ambulance and does first aid for Mohini. Mohini asks Aparajita to slap her loudly as she is feeling sleepy. Aparajita slaps her. Akshay and Neha come there. Akshay confronts Aparajita why she is slapping Mohini. Aparajita reveals to him she is trying to save Mohini as she was bitten by a sake. Aparajita takes burning coal to place it near snake bite but Akshay stops her. Mohini says she won’t die but she can get paralyzed. Akshay asks how she knows. Mohini admits she send a snake charmer to place the snake in Aparajita’s shop. Everyone gets shocked. Aparajita still helps Mohini for Neha. Puppy and others discuss they may never help Mohini if they are in Aparajita’s place. An ambulance arrives there. Neha hugs Aparajita and thanks her for saving her mom. They rush Mohini to the hospital.

Later Akshay and Neha bring Mohini home. Akshay sends Neha to get water then he scolds Mohini for risking his daughter’s life. Neha comes there. She stops Akshay. She asks Mohini how can she place the snake in Aparajita’s laundry? She reveals Aparajita is the one who helped her and saved Mohini. She says I have to tell sorry to Aparajita for what you did. Mohini asks Neha to not meet Aparajita and her daughters as they are not related to us. Akshay says we are related. He reveals to Neha that Aparajita is his ex wife and she has 3 step sisters. Disha tells her sisters that they need to call the police but Mom stopping is us. Chavi says karma will hit Mohini. Chavi says according to age Neha is looking like Disha’s age and elder to me but dad left us when mom is pregnant with me, isn’t it? Chavi and Disha manage her and they decide to hide from Asha that Akshay had affair while he married to Aparajita. Neha asks Akshay how can he hide about her family from her. Mohini says they are not their family. Neha says they are my family and wants to meet them. Dadi comes there and says their kid knows the value of family. Neha hugs Dadi. Akshay smiles. Neha announces she will meet her stepsisters. Akshay allows her. Neha goes to meet them.

Episode ends.

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