Main Hoon Saath Tere 10th June 2024 Written Update: Aryaman foils Sadhu’s ploy

Main Hoon Saath Tere 10th June 2024 On

The episode starts with Janvi saying to Pushkar that she is breaking off her ties with him. Janvi warns Pushkar to never show his face to her and Kian again. Janvi throws Pushkar out of the house who is intoxicated.

Janvi says to Kian that Pushkar is out of their lives and asks Kian not to worry. Janvi apologises to Reva for his behaviour with Pushkar. Reva says she did the right thing and asks Janvi not to worry. Sadhu says to Janvi that it’s a good thing she is going to come and stay with him after the marriage. Janvi agrees. Kian worries about why hasn’t Aryaman come till now.

Aryaman comes to the Ashram to meet Anya but Vishan stops Aryaman from meeting Anya saying she is busy with the kids and he can talk to her later. Vishan leaves from there.

Lakshmi comes to Vishan and asks Vishan if he can use his phone to make a call for Parvati. Vishan says he doesn’t give his phone to anyone and says there are a lot of frauds going on. Lakshmi leaves from there. Aryaman witnesses it from afar.

Aryaman comes to Lakshmi and asks Lakshmi to use his phone. Lakshmi asks Aryaman if she doesn’t look like a fraud to him. Aryaman says she is looking like a mother who is troubled and says he knows a single mother who is also troubled just like her and comments on it. Aryaman gives his phone to Lakshmi. Lakshmi goes to make a call.

The lawyer comes to Janvi’s house. Sadhu asks the lawyer why did he take this much time. The lawyer says he came here long before the appointed time but Janvi’s neighbour told him that Sadhu and Janvi have went out on some work and he told him to come after 3 hours. Sadhu understands this is done by Aryaman and comments on him in his heart.

Lakshmi gives the phone back to Aryaman. Aryaman sees Kian is calling him again. Aryaman tries to meet Anya but Anya says she has to take photos with the kids to increase her followers and asks him to wait for a while.

Lakshmi gives gifts to the kids. One of the kids ask for another gift saying his friend went outside and shows the photo of his friend to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi recalls Sadhu took this kid Sumit away out in some work and she saw him leaving.

Lakshmi comes to Aryaman and says to Aryaman that she thinks the orphanage warden is giving kids for rent as she recalls that he saw a kid being taken away from here. Lakshmi shows the photo of Sumit to Sadhu saying this kid is taken away. Aryaman says to Lakshmi that the person who took this kid is a fraud and he would like to expose him. Aryaman asks Lakshmi for her help. Lakshmi agrees and leaves from there.

Sadhu asks Janvi to sign on the papers. Janvi sees Kian is not around and looks for him. Sadhu says she will go and get him.

Sadhu comes to Kian and asks Kian to come with him. Kian doesn’t agree. Sadhu accidentally sits on a walkie talkie and says to Kian that he needs to listen to him and says he is really bad than Pushkar. Kian agrees to listen to Sadhu.

Sadhu brings Kian to Janvi. Janvi, Reva and Dadi are about to beat up Sadhu with some sticks and Lakshmi comes with the cops saying Sadhu kidnapped her son.

Lakshmi says she is Sadhu’s wife and she left Sadhu because he drinks everyday and beats up Sumit and her. Sadhu while arguing with Lakshmi spills that he never married anyone. Aryaman asks Anya to video record all of this to increase her followers. Anya agrees.

Episode ends.

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