Main Hoon Saath Tere 11th June 2024 Written Update: Raina makes a deal with Sadhu

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The episode starts with Lakshmi tricking Sadhu into admitting that he is not married right infront of Janvi. Lakshmi later admits that Sadhu is telling the truth. Lakshmi says to Janvi that she is not his wife and the police are also not real. Lakshmi says they put up this act to make Sadhu admit that he has not gotten married. Lakshmi says all of this credit goes to Aryaman. Aryaman comes infront of Lakshmi and thanks Lakshmi for helping her in exposing Sadhu.

Brij Bhushan praises Vishan for taking care of Anya and impressing her. Prem Chand gets a call from MLA Koyal about Aryaman. Brij Bhushan thinks someone is complaining about Aryaman to Premchand. Premchand after the call reveals to Brij Bhushan that Aryaman was praised by MLA Koyal as because of Aryaman, Anya’s followers increased to 1 lakh and above. Brij Bhushan gets surprised hearing it.

Sadhu says to Janvi that he did all of this because he loves her. Janvi slaps Sadhu and says even if Aryaman doesn’t expose him she will slap him. Janvi says she heard how he threatened Sadhu and comments on it.

It is shown Janvi and her family hear how Sadhu threatened Kian over the walkie talkie.

Janvi comments on Sadhu. Janvi and Lakshmi decide to beat up Sadhu together. Janvi and Lakshmi take a stick and both of them beat up Sadhu. Reva and Dadi also join them in beating up Sadhu.

Aryaman says he is going to expose him right infront of the hotel staff. Sadhu tries to escape but Aryaman stops him. Aryaman takes Sadhu away from there.

Janvi comes to Lakshmi. Janvi thanks Lakshmi for her help. Lakshmi praises Janvi for taking really good care of Kian and says she knows Kian really isn’t her son. Janvi asks Lakshmi how does she know. Lakshmi says she was in the hospital 5 years back when her sister delivered in the hospital and she learns from the hospital staff the truth that her sister left the baby after giving birth and running away. Lakshmi says she also knows Janvi pleads Lakshmi not to tell the truth to anyone. Lakhsmi agrees. Janvi says she will never do marriage after what happened today. Lakshmi says to Janvi that she needs to marry someone who cares for her to solve her problems and says there is an already a person like that in her life and says it’s Aryaman. Janvi says they are just friends. Lakshmi says she saw Aryaman really care for her. Lakshmi asks Janvi to think about it and leaves from there.

Suhasini and Vishan see the house in a mess and they ask Abhay what happened. Abhay says Prince nanny ran away again. Suhasini says to Abhay it is impossible to get a nanny for Prince as he is infamous for his antics. Ujwala says she knows someone who will be a good nanny for Prince and says she will call them right away. Vishan praises Ujwala in his heart.

Aryaman beats up Sadhu right infront of the hotel staff and makes him confess that Janvi is innocent. Sadhu says he wanted to marry Janvi and adopt Kian so that he could make Janvi take the blame for the escort racket and later leave Kian to beg on the streets. Sadhu breaks a bottle and tries to hurt Janvi with it. Aryaman rescues Janvi. Aryaman beats up Sadhu to make him admit the rest of his wrongdoings. Raina sees Aryaman beating up Sadhu. Raina stops Aryaman and asks him to back down. Raina says this matter will be decided after Brij Bhushan comes here.

Janvi takes Aryaman away from there. Janvi bandages Aryaman’s wound as he got injured saving her. Janvi later thanks Aryaman.

Raina comes to Sadhu and makes a deal with Sadhu asking him to take the blame for everything in return she will get him out of jail within a week and he will also get a lot of money for it. Sadhu agrees and signs the statement given to him by Raina.

Brij Bhushan and Premchand come to the hotel. Aryaman brings Brij Bhushan and Prem Chand to Sadhu. Aryaman says to Sadhu that he called the cops. Raina scolds Aryaman for calling the cops as last time the cops came here their reputation is destroyed and he once again called the cops. Raina mocks Aryaman as he beat up Sadhu and make him admit for only one crime but she made him admit to all of his crimes. Brij Bhushan asks Raina what did Sadhu do. Aryaman says everything that happened. Raina says to Brij Bhushan that Sadhu is not involved only is escort racket but he also stole the money from the hotel and he also attacked Brij Bhushan when Brij Bhushan found about it. Raina says she found out all of this through her investigation. Brij Bhushan praises Raina and he asks Aryaman with whose permission did he call the cops. Brij Bhushan scolds Aryaman. Janvi witnessing it stops Brij Bhushan and says to Brij Bhushan that he is wrong. Janvi says how Aryaman saved her and brought out the truth. Janvi says she should be grateful to Aryaman and says Aryaman is an angel. Janvi takes Aryaman away from there. Brij Bhushan gets furious and decides to expose to tell the truth about Aryaman to Janvi. Suyesh stops Brij Bhushan making up a reason. Premchand thinks Janvi did something that he wasn’t able to do raise a voice from Aryaman.

Janvi’ says to Aryaman that Brij Bhushan shouldn’t have scolded him like that and says he is very special. Janvi writes on a coffee mug that Aryaman is her best friend and gives it to Aryaman and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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