Main Hoon Saath Tere 12th June 2024 Written Update: Raina reveals a shocking truth to Kian

Main Hoon Saath Tere 12th June 2024 On

The episode starts with Aryaman thanking Janvi for her encouragement.

In the night, it is shown to be raining. Muralidhar comes to Aryaman and says to Aryaman that Brij Bhushan asked him to bring his pass port. Aryaman understands that Brij Bhushan has decided to send him to Australia. Muralidhar asks Aryaman to leave from here and go to Australia as if he is here then Raina will trouble him. Muralidhar says he also opened an online account for him and says a lot of girls are waiting for him and shoes the friends request that Aryaman got. Aryaman asks Muralidhar to stop thinking about girls all the time. Muralidhar asks Aryaman to put his hand on his heart and close his eyes. Muralidhar asks Aryaman who does he see. Aryaman sees Janvi. Muralidhar asks Aryaman who does he see. Aryaman stays silent. Muralidhar says to Aryaman that he is troubled with all of Janvi’s problems he brain has been frozen and comments on her. Aryaman says he will not hear any bad words against Janvi. Muralidhar says to Aryaman that he wanted to confirm that he has feelings for Janvi that’s why he did all of this. Muralidhar asks Aryaman to tell the truth to him. Aryaman says from when Janvi took a stand for him infront of his father he started having feelings for Janvi. Muralidhar comments on it.

The next day, Kian gets ready to go to school as he doesn’t know that he has been expelled from school. Pushkar seeing this decides to use this chance to his advantage. Pushkar comes and convinces Kian that he will take him to the school. Kian agrees.

Aryaman thinks he should not lie to Janvi about his identity so he decides to tell Janvi that he is not Murali but Aryaman Bundela.

Aryaman comes to Janvi’s house and sees that it is locked. Aryaman learns from Dadi that Janvi has gone to break her provident fund and Pushkar has taken Kian yo school.

Suyesh says to Brij Bhushan that all the staff are scared with what happened. Suyesh says the way Raina behaved with Janvi is not liked by the hotel staff. Suyesh says to Brij Bhushan that they need to justice to Janvi. Brij Bhushan agrees.

Raina sees Janvi in the hotel and learns that she came here to break her provident fund. Raina calls for everyone’s attention and asks them not to be stupid like Janvi as she nearly got married to Sadhu by getting fooled. Janvi has tears in her eyes with Raina’s comments. Janvi gets a call from Aryaman asking her to come to to the school right away as Pushkar took Kian to school and once Kian knows that he has been expelled he will be heartbroken.

Pushkar drops Kian at school. Pushkar thinks once Kian knows that he is expelled he will be heart broken and his revenge will be completed.

Kian tries to enter the school but the security doesn’t allow him saying he has been expelled from school. Kian gets shocked hearing it.

Aryaman and Janvi reach the school. Janvi sees Kian questioning the principal why is he expelled from school. Kian sees Janvi and asks her the same question. Raina comes to Kian and reveals to Kian that he has been expelled because there is no father’s name on his birth certificate.

Episode ends.

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