Main Hoon Saath Tere 1st June 2024 Written Update: Suyesh revelation surprises Brij Bhushan

Main Hoon Saath Tere 1st June 2024 On

The episode starts with Aryaman putting Kian to sleep at Janvi’s instructions. Aryaman asks Janvi to come into the house. Janvi says to Aryaman that her reputation is already stained and she doesn’t want another stain on her reputation as if she stays in his home it will be a problem. Janvi leaves from there.

Brij Bhushan asks Raina who is the one that bailed Janvi from the police station. Raina says it is Premchand who bailed Janvi. Raina says Aryaman made Premchand get her bail. Raina asks Brij Bhushan to throw Aryaman forever out of his life. Suyesh comes and scolds Raina a stupid person.

Suyesh says to Raina that she made the video of Janvi getting arrested and put it in the internet and due to that their hotel has been boycotted. Suyesh says to Raina that all the functions, wedding that are booked in their hotel have been cancelled. Brij Bhushan asks Raina what is the need for her to put that video in the internet. Suyesh asks Brij Bhushan not to worry and says someone deleted that video from the internet. Brij Bhushan thanks God hearing it. Suyesh says to Brij Bhushan that they should do an investigation of their own to find out the truth. Brij Bhushan asks Suyesh to handle it. Suyesh says it will be best if this investigation is done by the person who deleted the video. Brij Bhushan agrees. Suyesh later reveals to Brij Bhushan that Aryaman is the one who deleted that video. Brij Bhushan gets surprised hearing it. Suyesh praises Aryaman.

Aryaman and Muralidhar meet the house owner. Aryaman says to the house owner that he wants to buy the flat that Janvi is staying in. The house owner says he will sell it for Rs 30 lakhs. Muralidhar objects to it and tries to take Aryaman away but Aryaman stops Muralidhar and says a lot of memories are there for Kian in that flat and he is buying that flat for Kian. Aryaman buys the flat and asks the house owner to write the flat on Premchand’s name. The house owner agrees.

Aryaman comes to his home and finds Janvi saying to Sadhu that she will marry him. Sadhu says to Janvi she took the right decision and leaves from there.

Aryaman asks Janvi about what did she say to Sadhu. Janvi says she didn’t have a choice.

It is shown a guy comes to Janvi and asks Janvi to sleep with her for money. Janvi doesn’t agree. The guy creates a nuisance and says to the crowd that Janvi is asking him if he will sleep with her. Janvi argues saying that guy is telling lies but nobody believes her due to the video. Sadhu comes at that time and takes a stand for Janvi saying he will marry Janvi and he will give Kian his name. Sadhu sends the crowd away. Sadhu apologises to Janvi for saying that he will marry her. Sadhu asks Janvi to marry him for Kian. Janvi thinks about Kian and agrees to marry Sadhu. Sadhu agrees and leaves from there.

Aryaman says to Janvi that he is very happy for her and he also gives the keys of her house making up a reason. Janvi thanks Aryaman.

Episode ends.

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