Main Hoon Saath Tere 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Sadhu decides to adopt Kian

Main Hoon Saath Tere 2nd June 2024 On

The episode starts with Janvi’s inner self coming infront of Janvi and asking Janvi what did she do as she forget all about her dreams and life and sacrificed all of them for Kian. Janvi says she made sacrifice part of her life and she is also going to marry someone she doesn’t even like for Kian. Janvi’s inner self asks Janvi how will she live in this compromised marriage. Janvi says she will live the same way she is living for Kian.

Janvi says to Kian that she would like to tell him something. Janvi tries to talk about Sadhu with Kian. Pushkar asks Janvi why is she trying to take permission from Kian. Pushkar says this wedding will happen as Sadhu is white washing their reputation. Pushkar tries to warn Kian. Janvi tries to stop Pushkar. Sadhu stops Pushkar and asks Pushkar to never behave like this with his son again.

Pushkar says to Sadhu he was only trying to explain to Kian and nothing more than that. Janvi sees Reva and Dadi have also come to her house and asks them what are they doing here. Dadi says to Janvi that Sadhu has come to take their blessings as Janvi has agreed to marry Sadhu. Dadi gifts a gold chain to Sadhu. Sadhu later asks Janvi if he can start adoption process after a few days. The Joshi family gets excited hearing it. Kian doesn’t understand what adoption means so he goes to Aryaman.

Suyesh calls Aryaman and says to Aryaman that Brij Bhushan has given him the responsibility of investigating the escort racket going on in the hotel. Suyesh says to Aryaman that this is the chance to make Brij Bhushan proud. Aryaman agrees.

Kian comes to Aryaman and asks Aryaman what does adoption mean as everyone is looking happy talking about it. Aryaman shows a kitty to Kian. Kian says he will keep it with him, feed him and take care of it. Aryaman says adoption means taking care just like he wants to take care of Kitty, Sadhu wants to take care of Kian. Aryaman asks Kian to be happy as he is going to get a father. Kian agrees.

Sadhu brings gifts for Kian. Sadhu later asks Kian to get a glass of water for him. Kian agrees.

Sadhu’s shirt gets stained with mud as a football hits his shirt. Karthik comes and asks Sadhu for the ball. Sadhu takes out a knife and stabs the ball to teach a lesson to Karthik. Kian witnessing it calls Sadhu a bad uncle. Janvi comes and asks Kian what happened.

Kian complaints to Janvi that Sadhu punctured Karthik’s ball. Janvi asks Sadhu why did he do it. Sadhu says he was about to give money for the ball but before that Kian created a scene. Sadhu gives the ball to Kian and sends him away.

Sadhu later asks Dadi if he can take Kian with him for shopping. Dadi agrees. Sadhu takes Kian away. Janvi learns from Dadi that Sadhu took Kian for shopping. Janvi says she wanted to try to talk to Kian about Sadhu and comments on Dadi for sending Kian away.

Episode ends.

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