Main Hoon Saath Tere 30th May 2024 Written Update: Janvi gets arrested by the cops

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The episode starts with Janvi saying to Brij Bhushan that there is escort service racket going on in their hotel. Janvi says to Brij Bhushan about what happened. Brij Bhushan says to Janvi that she is accusing his son in law. Raina says to Brij Bhushan that Janvi is conspiring against Abhay. Raina says the truth will be out soon. Raina calls for Swapna. Raina says to Brij Bhushan that Swapna is the one who Janvi was talking about saving before. Janvi asks Swapna to tell the truth to Brij Bhushan. Swapna says to Brij Bhushan that Janvi is the one who is doing escort service business in their hotel. Swapna also says Janvi is the one who is making her do this escort service. Janvi says to Brij Bhushan that she will never do anything like that. Raina asks Janvi to shut up and says she has proof. Raina says to Brij Bhushan that these are gate passes which Swapna used to enter their hotel on these gate passes there is Janvi’s signature. Brij Bhushan seeing this believes Raina and thinks Janvi is running escort service. Ujwala asks Brij Bhushan not to take any decision in haste. Brij Bhushan comments on Janvi. Brij Bhushan praises Raina for finding out the truth about this. Brij Bhushan asks Raina to decide what punishment she will give Janvi and leaves from there.

The police come to Bundela mansion to arrest Janvi. The police arrest Janvi for running escort service and take her away from there. Janvi says that she is innocent but nobody believes her. Raina video records Janvi getting arrested and posts it in the internet.

Dadi apologises to Premchand and for misunderstanding him. Premchand says he was the one looking at her through the window. Premchand asks Dadi to forgive her. Dadi agrees. Prem Chand sees Dadi is talking in Bundeli language and asks Dadi if she will teach him. Dadi agrees.

Aryaman comes to Bundela mansion. Aryaman asks Ujwala where is Janvi. Ujwala says the police arrested Janvi and took her away. Aryaman says it’s a good thing that he asked Murali to get bail for Janvi as soon as she told him.

Raina complaints to Brij Bhushan about Aryaman supporting Janvi and hurting Abhay. Brij Bhushan comments on Aryaman. Aryaman says to Brij Bhushan that this time he is in the wrong. Aryaman says he also suspected Janvi before and kept an eye on her 24/7 and says she hasn’t done anything wrong. Aryaman says he will prove that Janvi is innocent at any cost. Brij Bhushan talks to Aryaman and asks Aryaman if he is working as a trainee in the hotel to get his approval then he will give him a chance. Brij Bhushan says to Aryaman that he is going to stay with him for some time and then decide if he is worthy to be called my son or not. Ujwala says Aryaman will do it. Brij Bhushan leaves from there. Ujwala asks Aryaman not to miss this chance.

Kian says to Dadi that he will go to his school and find out if his vacation has been approved or not. Dadi tries to stop Kian but Kian still leaves to his school.

Brij Bhushan and Aryaman come to the school. Brij Bhushan says to Aryaman that he needs to record every proposal and point that are going to be said in this meeting. Aryaman agrees.

Aryaman sees Kian talking to the security guard and understands why Kian came here. Aryaman says to Kian that his vacation has been approved and asks Kian to leave. Kian calls Janvi to give the good news to her but the police don’t allow Janvi to talk over the phone. Aryaman makes up a reason for it.

Kian goes to Dadi. Dadi scolds Kian for nearly giving her a heart attack.

Muralidhar stops the cops from taking Janvi into the police station and says Janvi got bail. The police ask Janvi not to leave the city. Janvi thanks Muralidhar and Prem Chand for getting her bail.

Aryaman sees the video of Janvi getting arrested and thinks he has to delete this video from the server. Brij Bhushan asks Aryaman to focus on the meeting. Aryaman apologises to Brij Bhushan.

Janvi comes to her house and sees that it is locked. The house owner says to Janvi that he knows she is arrested for running escort service and he will not allow her to stay in this house. Janvi says she comes from a reputed family. Pushkar warns Janvi not to drag their family name through the mud. Pushkar says to house owner that she doesn’t have any ties with their family and comments on her. The house owner comments on Janvi and leaves from there.

Janvi sees Kian coming and she takes him away from there making up a reason. Janvi and Kian are shown to be looking for a place to stay.

Episode ends .

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