Main Hoon Saath Tere 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Kian’s revelation shocks Aryaman

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The episode starts with Janvi thinking she should find out that if Kian is happy with the wedding of Sadhu and Janvi.

Reva says to Pushkar that she wants to do IVF. Pushkar says they don’t have that much money to do the IVF. Reva says she has some money and gives it to Pushkar. Reva asks Pushkar to add some money to this money so they can do the IVF treatment. Pushkar comments and says he will use this money to stitch a suit for himself. Reva lashes out at Pushkar and says to Pushkar that if he wants to see her happy then she needs a child in any way.

Janvi calls Reva and asks Reva if she saw Kian’s face when they were talking about the wedding. Janvi asks Reva if Kian is happy or not. Reva says she hasn’t noticed his face. Janvi hearing it decides to ask Murali.

Janvi comes to Aryaman and sees that Aryaman is browsing Escort agency website. Janvi asks Murali what is he doing. Aryaman says to Janvi that he is given the responsibility to investigate the escort agency racket going on in their hotel. Janvi says to Aryaman that she will help him. Aryaman agrees. Aryaman and Janvi browse through all the escort websites but they don’t find Swapna in any of the websites.

Janvi later asks Aryaman if Kian is happy with his wedding or not. Aryaman recalls that Kian is not sure about the wedding and thinks if he told the truth then Janvi will back down from this wedding so he lies to Janvi that Kian will be very happy with this wedding. Janvi still says she will not be sure until Kian himself says that he is happy with this wedding. Janvi later video call Sadhu and asks Sadu if she can talk to Kian. Sadhu agrees and gives the phone to Kian. Kian talks with Janvi over the video call. Janvi notices Swapna behind Kian. Janvi cuts the call.

Janvi says to Aryaman that she saw Swapna while talking to Kian over the video call and says right now Swapna is in the shopping mall. Aryaman hearing it leaves from there along with Janvi.

Dadi and Ritu stop Janvi saying tomorrow is her engagement ceremony and it is inauspicious for her to leave the house. Aryaman hearing it says he will go to the shopping mall alone to search for Swapna.

Kian looks around for Sadhu. Kian finds Sadhu has a woman in her lap in the trail room and that woman is none other than Swapna.

Ritu and Dadi try to make Janvi get ready but Janvi says she first needs to talk to Kian before this engagement happens as if he isn’t happy then she will not do this wedding. Janvi tries to leave to Kian but Dadi stops Janvi and says she can’t back down from this wedding. Dadi also says Kian will be very happy with this wedding. Dadi makes Janvi swear on her that Janvi will not backdown from this wedding.

Sadhu runs into Aryaman in the shopping mall and asks him what is he doing here. Aryaman shows the photo of Swapna and says Swapna is in this shopping mall. Aryaman says if they find this woman then they can prove Janvi’s innocence. Sadhu agrees and acts as if he is helping Aryaman.

Aryaman runs into Kian and says to Kian that he is searching for this woman and shows Swapna’s photo. Kian says he saw Swapna sitting in Sadhu’s lap in the trail room. Aryaman hearing it goes out of the shopping mall.

Aryaman sees Swapna leaving the shopping mall in a car. Sadhu and Raina are shown to be hiding in the car. Aryaman sees car no and recalls that this is advocate Shukla’s car. Aryaman witnessing it comes to the conclusion that people who attacked Brij Bhushan are the same people who are running escort racket in their hotel. Aryaman worries about Kian and leaves from there.

Aryaman comes to Kian. Kian compliants to Aryaman that Sadhu is a bad uncle and says Sadhu will never be a good husband for Janvi. Kian says he will tell Janvi about it. Aryaman says to Kian that no one will believe him and others will ask him for proof. Aryaman promises Kian that he will not allow Sadhu to get engaged to Janvi and he asks Kian to not tell about Sadhu to anyone. Kian agrees.

Episode ends.

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