Main Hoon Saath Tere 4th June 2024 Written Update: Aryaman gets evidence against Sadhu

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The episode starts with Swapna asking Raina and Sadhu to come out and says no one is around. Raina and Sadhu stop hiding in the car. Sadhu asks Raina why is she afraid of a trainee. Raina says that trainee is none other than Aryaman Bundela. Sadhu gets surprised hearing it. Raina asks Swapna to go underground until things calm down. Sadhu says to Raina there is no need for it. Sadhu says Aryaman hasn’t seen both Swapna and him together. Sadhu also praises Raina’s plan.

It is shown Raina’s plan was that Sadhu marries Janvi and he forces Janvi to take the blame for escort service racket going on in their hotel and send Janvi to jail. Sadhu says after this marriage he will force Janvi to take the blame and after that he will make Kian beg on the streets. Raina gets down from the car. Sadhu says to Swapna that he will marry her after this matter with Janvi is over and he also gifts a gold chain to Swapna as his assurance.

Janvi asks Kian why is he having stomach pain. Kian doesn’t answer Janvi. Janvi goes to make Khada for Kian.

Aryaman sees Kian is having stomach pain and he asks Kian what happened. Kian says whenever he hides something he feels stomach pain. Kian says he will tell the truth to Janvi. Aryaman stops Kian and says to Kian that his stomach pain will go away once he goes to sleep. Kian agrees and goes to sleep.

Janvi comes and talks to Aryaman. Aryaman says to Janvi that Kian has gone to sleep and he asks Janvi not to worry. Aryaman sees Janvi’s mehandi is ruined so he puts Mehandi on her hand. Aryaman plays a game with Janvi and learns that Janvi is doing this wedding due to forced circumstances. Aryaman vows to not allow this engagement to happen.

The next day, Aryaman comes to Bundela mansion. Brij Bhushan says to Aryaman that his friend’s daughter Alia is coming to visit this city and he asks Aryaman to show Alia around the city. Brij Bhushan says Raina recommended Aryaman for this job. Aryaman agrees to do it. Aryaman asks Raina why did she recommend him. Raina says she knows he is going to screw this up and says she is going to enjoy watching it. Aryaman comments on Raina and leaves from there.

Raina thinks if Aryaman is busy with all of these things then Aryaman will not have time to find Swapna.

Janvi asks Kian if he is feeling sick. Kian says yes. It is shown Aryaman says to Kian that he is going to find evidence against Sadhu and he asks Kian to stall as much time as possible. Kian agrees.

Janvi seeing Kian is sick says to Dadi and Reva that she will not do this engagement. Pushkar comments on Janvi. Pushkar says to Kian that doctor will come and give him a big injection if he is feeling sick. Kian worries about the injection and stops acting as if he feeling sick. Janvi seeing this gets back to get ready for the engagement. Pushkar warns Kian to look happy. Kian calls Aryaman to tell him that he couldn’t stall the engagement.

Aryaman while showing the city around to Alia runs into Swapna. Aryaman tries to catch Swapna but she pepper sprays his eyes and escapes from him. Aryaman finds the gold chain that Swapna dropped and sees that it is the gold chain that Dadi gave Sadhu. Aryaman thinks this evidence is enough against Sadhu to stop the engagement.

Episode ends.

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