Main Hoon Saath Tere 5th June 2024 Written Update: Aryaman disrupts Sadhu and Janvi’s engagement

Main Hoon Saath Tere 5th June 2024 On

The episode starts with Janvi coming to Bundela hotel. Janvi hears the hotel staff gossiping about her. Janvi thinks Kian will be hurt if he hears about all of this.

Aryaman comes to Janvi’s house and finds her missing. Aryaman learns from the neighbours that Janvi has gone to the hotel for the engagement.

Sadhu introduces his father Hari Prasad Sadhu and his mother Aruna Sadhu to Janvi and the rest of her family.

Aruna says to Janvi’s family that they would like to do Churi Bharna Ritual for Janvi. Janvi agrees.

Aruna does the Churi Bharna ritual to Janvi. Janvi sees Kian crying and asks Kian what happened. Pushkar stops Janvi from getting up and says dust has gone into Kian’s eyes. Janvi makes a request to Sadhu’s family that she would like to spend some time with Kian before the engagement as everything is happening in a hurry. Janvi tries to talk to Kian.

The police come to Janvi. Sadhu seeing this asks Reva to take Kian inside. Reva takes Kian inside. Janvi pleads the cops not to arrest her. The cops say that they only came to check on her if she ran away from the city or not. Sadhu says Janvi is innocent and says Janvi doesn’t need to run away and says Janvi’s innocence will also be proved. Sadhu sends the cops away.

Janvi talks to Ritu. Janvi says Kian would have been really hurt if Kian saw the cops arresting her. Ritu asks Janvi not to worry and says Sadhu handled the cops now and he will handle them again.

Kian tries to call Aryaman but Pushkar stops Kian and takes the phone away from him. Aryaman calls Janvi’s phone and Pushkar attends the call. Aryaman asks Pushkar not to do Sadhu and Janvi’s engagement and says Sadhu is a bad guy. Pushkar comments on Aryaman and says this engagement is going to happen. Pushkar later threatens Kian and asks Kian to smile. Pushkar later shows to Janvi that Kian is happy.

Janvi and Sadhu get ready to do their ring ceremony. Janvi puts the ring on Sadhu and when Sadhu is about to put the ring on Janvi. Aryaman stops the engagement saying Sadhu is a cheater.

Pushkar asks Aryaman on what basis is he saying that Sadhu is a cheater. Aryaman shows the Swapna and says Sadhu was making Swapna sit in her lap in the trail room and Kian witnessed it. Janvi asks Kian if it is true. Kian says it is true. Janvi asks Kian why did he hide it from her. Aryaman says he asked Kian to hide it as there was no proof. Aryaman says now he has proof. Aryaman shows the gold chain that he got to all the family members from Swapna when he was trying to catch her.

Brij Bhushan says to Raina that under her recommendation he gave a chance to Aryaman and Aryaman left Alia in the middle of the road. Alia says it would have been better if she booked a guide. Brij Bhushan comments on it.

Sadhu asks Janvi if she really thinks that he would do something like that. Sadhu shows the gold chain and says this is the gold chain that Dadi gifted him. Aryaman gets surprised seeing it. Sadhu thinks it’s a good thing that Swapna told him Aryaman took away the gold chain and he made the gold chain exactly like it and wore it around his neck. Sadhu later says what Kian saw is only half truth. Sadhu says the real truth is that Swapna tried to trap him by coming into the trail room and sitting on his lap. Sadhu says he tried to hand her over to the cops but she escaped from him. Sadhu also shows the letter that he wrote to the cops that Swapna is the main member in the escort racket and he will catch her and bring them to the cops. Sadhu says to Janvi that he was about to give this letter after their engagement to the cops.

Episode ends.

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