Main Hoon Saath Tere 7th June 2024 Written Update: Aryaman sets a trap for Sadhu

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The episode starts with Aryaman saying to Sadhu that until Sadhu returns he will dance with Janvi. Janvi doesn’t agree and tries to leave but Aryaman stops Janvi and dances with her. Aryaman says to Janvi that he is doing this to zip up her dress. Aryaman in the dance zips up her dress. Janvi thanks Aryaman. Brij Bhushan sees Aryaman dancing with Janvi and misunderstands him and leaves from there. Raina thinks now no one can save Aryaman. Raina leaves from there.

Janvi leaves from there. Aryaman goes after Janvi. Aryaman says to Janvi that it’s a good thing that Sadhu is adopting Kian. Aryaman says to Janvi that she should also adopt Sadhu’s son. Janvi says it’s a good idea and thanks Murali. Aryaman leaves from there.

Sadhu comes and gives adoption form to Janvi and asks Janvi to fill it up. Janvi asks Sadhu if she can adopt his son. Sadhu tries to make an excuse saying saying his wife will not allow that but Janvi says she will talk to his wife so Sadhu says to Janvi that he will
bring his son to meet her. Sadhu thinks how can he make Janvi meet his son as he has no son. Aryaman says to himself that he will trap Sadhu in his own lies.

Janvi fills up the adoption form with tears in her eyes. Dadi says to Janvi that he wrote the wrong name in the adoption form. Dadi says after the marriage Kian’s name will be Kian Sadanand Sadhu not Kian Joshi. Dadi says she will bring a whitener. Janvi wipes Joshi’s name with her tears on the paper. Dadi asks Janvi how did she erase the name without whitener. Janvi says she wiped it with her tears. Janvi says to Dadi that in raising Kian and says she had to bow infront of the world and give Kian another person’s name for Kian’s future. Dadi comforts Kian.

Brij Bhushan scolds Aryaman as he left Alia in the middle of the road and he went to Janvi’s engagement. Raina accuses Aryaman of destroying their reputation. Brij Bhushan asks Raina what else can they expect as it is normal for a criminal to be close with another criminal. Aryaman says Janvi is not a criminal. Brij Bhushan raises his hand at Aryaman for talking back to him. Prem Chand comes in between and stops Brij Bhushan. Prem Chand stops Brij Bhushan. Brij Bhushan asks Aryaman to go back to Australia. Prem Chand says Aryaman will not do that instead he will apologise to Alia. Brij Bhushan leaves from there.

Prem Chand asks Aryaman why didn’t he do the work given by Brij Bhushan. Aryaman says he didn’t have a choice and says Sadhu is involved in Escort racketing in their hotel and he is also involved in the attack on Brij Bhushan. Aryaman says he went to stop Janvi’s engagement with Sadhu. Aryaman says he will get evidence and expose him soon.

Janvi meets a lawyer and asks the lawyer to it is compulsory to change the name of Kian’s surname for him to be adopted. The lawyer says yes.

Muralidhar comes to Sadhu to drink with him to celebrate Sadhu’s engagement but the real truth is Muralidhar came to Sadhu to make him intoxicated and record him if once he speaks the truth. Sadhu worries about what he will speak in his intoxicated state.

Aryaman sees Muralidhar’s message and thinks once Sadhu confession is recorded he will show it to Janvi and call off Kian’s adoption.

Episode ends.

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