Main Hoon Saath Tere 8th June 2024 Written Update: Sadhu misleads Janvi

Main Hoon Saath Tere 8th June 2024 On

The episode starts with the lawyer Dubey saying to Janvi that Sadhu’s marriage certificate and divorce papers are not in this file. Dubey checks in the government website to see Sadhu’s marriage certificate and divorce papers but he doesn’t find them and says to Janvi about it. Janvi suspects that Sadhu lied to her about her marriage and divorce. Janvi leaves from there.

Muralidhar and Sadhu drink alcohol and both of them are intoxicated. Muralidhar plays a game with Sadhu they should share their secret with one another. Sadhu agrees. Muralidhar says to Sadhu that he loves Ritu. Muralidhar says to Sadhu now it is his turn. Sadhu says to Muralidhar that he is marrying Janvi but he doesn’t love her. Sadhu sees that the sofa is over. Sadhu says to Muralidhar that he will go and get it. Muralidhar thinks he really got intoxicated drinking with Sadhu. Sadhu says to Muralidhar that soda isn’t in the house and says he will go out and get it.

Aryaman runs into Sadhu. Janvi comes to Sadhu and says to Sadhu that she showed adoption papers to Lawyer Dubey and says he told her that his marriage certificate and Divorce papers are not in this file and his marriage certificate and divorce papers are also not in the government website. Janvi asks Sadhu to show her the marriage certificate. Sadhu says he will show her tomorrow. Janvi pleads Sadhu to show her right now. Sadhu asks Janvi if she doesn’t trust him. Aryaman says to Sadhu that these papers are very important for the adoption process and asks Sadhu to show them the papers. Sadhu says he will show them tomorrow. Aryaman asks Sadhu not to worry and says they will search for the papers in his home.

Aryaman and Janvi search for the papers. Raina calls Sadhu. Janvi is about to take the call. Sadhu sees it is Raina calling him on his digital watch. Sadhu stops Janvi and says to Janvi that there are no papers as his wife burnt everything. Sadhu messages Raina about what is happening and asks Raina for help.

Aryaman asks Sadhu to show him his son’s photo. Sadhu shows his childhood photo to Aryaman and Janvi and make them believe that it is his son’s photo. Janvi gets a call from the lawyer saying he went online again and found Sadhu’s marriage certificate and divorce papers. lawyer Dubey sends those papers to Janvi. Sadhu asks Janvi if all of her doubts are cleared. Janvi asks Sadhu to bring his son to meet her and says the adoption will only begin if she meets his son. Sadhu agrees. Sadhu sends Janvi and Aryaman away.

Sadhu thinks he really acted great like he is intoxicated. It is shown Sadhu didn’t drink alcohol with Muralidhar. Sadhu thanks Raina over the phone. Sadhu says she did a good thing by sending those false documents to Janvi from the lawyer. Raina says she bought the Lawyer Dubey and made him prepare those false documents and send them to Janvi. Raina asks Sadhu to adopt Kian tomorrow. Sadhu agrees. Sadhu says to himself how will he get a kid as he has no son.

Episode ends.

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